“Just finished a 1 year mechanical restoration new or overhauled everything” 1974 Cessna We put this.

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“Just finished a 1 year mechanical restoration new or overhauled everything”
Model Year: 1974 Make: Cessna
We put this airplane through our award winning restoration shop with one goal , to make it as mechanically new as possible. A fresh engine was installed with new baffles, lite alternator , lite started, the best Sigma Tek vacuum pump made. The nose strut was overhauled and a Lord shimmy dampener was fitted. The instrument panel was gutted and fitted with new or overhauled primary instruments along with a Garmin G5 electronic Horizon and a NSD 360 HSI was installed. The radios fitted are No 1 Nav/com a Garmin 530W driving the HSI, the No 2 Nav/Com is a Garmin 403W driving a new Garmin GI 106E the transponder is a Trig with ADS-b out and ADS-b in is handled with a Garmin 796 and GDL-39 gimbal mounted on the right side giving traffic, weather, and terrain. The airplane has an older but very clean fire blocked interior, The paint is old but still very presentable. All the exterior plastic is new from Stein aviation and is forever fiberglass. The wing tips are new fiberglass to fit the new LED position and strobe lights. The landing light is a new LED. Wheel pants are included bit not pictured.At this price you are buying the engine and radios and getting the airframe for free ! Will deliver within the continental US
Current date: 2018-12-22