Monocoupe 90AW 1934 Here s your chance to own a Gorgeous, rare, Aviation classic! A 1934 Monocoupe.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Monocoupe 90AW
Model Year: 1934
Here"s your chance to own a Gorgeous, rare, Aviation classic! A 1934 Monocoupe 90AW. Engine is a "0" time since major overhaul, Radial Warner 145 (overhauled by Mike Connor....the BEST in the business!) This was my "bucket list" airplane. Bought it 3 Months ago intending to do an award winning restoration, and now am realizing that I"m too old, too broke, and too many irons in the fire to do it correctly. SO.... I am regretfully putting it up for sale and will save a few more dollars and buy a flying one when the time is right. Now.... This plane is a dream project!!! It is VERY complete, all the wood and steel tubing is perfect. Needs no repairs....basically just cover, paint, radios if you choose, and a prop. Everything else is there. It has the long range tanks, Frise aileron STC, Left side door, Wing landing light, Elevator trim tab, Cessna seats, and more. I have all Air frame and engine log books. Airworthiness certificate, airframe data tags, lots of new parts, chrome controls, stacks of old paperwork, receipts, 337s, STCs, FAA CDs, pictures, etc... if you aren"t familiar with this Aircraft.....please do your research, and feel free to call anytime with any and all questions. The plane is in South Louisiana. I am hoping to get $35,000 for it all, but my reserve is WAY lower than that! The Engine alone is worth that, and when finished....the plane is worth well over $100K!! These RARELY come up for is your chance! So bid to is too short to fly ugly planes!! Todd....337-298-5141
Current date: 2017-04-26