Cessna 1946 1946 Cessna 140 N89027, SN8031 This airplane just came out of dry inside storage since.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Cessna
Model Year: 1946

1946 Cessna 140

N89027, SN8031

This airplane just came out of dry inside storage since 1984. The airplane was put in storage by its owner, an A&P mechanic, after a move from IL to AR. It was his intention to polish and redo the airframe, but he never got it done. It was a flying, in-annual airplane at the time that he pulled the wings and stored it. Approx. 2140 TT airframe.

The airframe is complete. I have looked it over, and the only things I find missing are the window frames for the doors. The sheet metal is about average. There are a few patches but nothing major. The leading edges of the wings are in good condition. The horizontal stabilizer has had its front mounting doubler removed. The doubler is with the other small parts and had some corrosion. It appears that the owner purchased a couple of damaged stabilizers to get a replacement part from. Those are included in this sale. The corrosion did not go beyond the doubler.

The cowling is in very good condition. No big patches or dents. The firewall is in almost perfect condition. The motor mount is in very good condition, and includes the little machined washers at the rear of the bolts. I have the exhaust and mufflers/heat muffs, and well as the engine baffling. Tail surfaces are fine. A few patches. Nothing major. Wing struts and jury struts look good.

The wings have been metalized a long time ago. There is a 337 detailing the work. Look good to me. Has retracting landing light. Flaps are in good condition. I think one had a patch on the trailing edge.

There is a complete and unused interior with new (1980’s vintage) upholstery. It is in very good condition and could be used with no further work. Instrument panel is complete with the exception of the Airspeed indicator and the tachometer. The windshield is in decent condition. There is a brand new windshield in its original box.

The fuselage has a rotating beacon on the turtledeck. There is a brand new Cessna turtledeck sheet metal panel. Predrilled and preformed. I guess he was going to remove the beacon. Wheels and brakes are hydraulic originals. Tailwheel is a Maule pneumatic. Tires are dry-rotted but hold air and roll around fine.

The airplane had been mostly stripped of paint. The remaining paint is very thin. Lots washed off when I did a quick no-soap wash job with a big brush. Won’t take much to get it finished.

Overall I think the airframe is in good condition. There is really no damage, and it would not take much to make it airworthy. There are lots of bird nests and mud dauber homes to be removed. The logs are here, as well as the weight and balance and airworthiness certificate. I have a clear, signed bill of sale. Aircraft is still currently listed on the registry, so should be no issue at all to re-register to the new owner.

Located in my hanger in Moshiem, East Tennessee. 8TN4. Just off I-81.

Current date: 2014-12-01