“This bird is a great project very solid aircraft Metalized Ten Years After it was made it is a 150.

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“This bird is a great project very solid aircraft Metalized Ten Years After it was made it is a 150 horsepower that will outperform 172s all day long runs as it is but I would put new mags on it if I was keeping it”
Model Year: 1947 Make: Stinson
This is a great condition all logs complete since new . A Metalized bird it was covered ten years after its manufacture . It has a useful load of 880 lb . Total time of the aircraft is 2150 hours. Time since overhaul, 750. The aircraft is currently out of annual but it is in "ALMOST" Farriable condition with some work. I had it running recently but it could use new mags and harnesses because they are old. Has a new G35 battery, new tailwheel, carburetor is cleaned out all electrical seems to be working. Compressions are all in the 70s. oil pressure is good just needs somebody to come sign off and fly it home. I have video of the engine running if anybody would like to hear it . It does need new mains. Tubes are good. Tires are dry-rotted but it has hydraulic Cleveland stainless steel brakes that work. This aircraft is located in Stevenson Alabama. This is a good project for somebody. Oil pressure is a third of the way up the green Ark. This is 150 horsepower Franklin engine and I"ve been told by a lot of the guys who run these engines that the pressure is exactly where the oil pressure is supposed to be but if this aircraft doesn"t sell at this auction I will go take the Wings off of it bring it home and get it in annual then sell it later this year. As I said, it could use new mags and harnesses, it has old spark plugs as well but it has great oil pressure . It is not making any metal and it runs on both mags. I may head down there this week and run it again. I have this for sale on other venues and I reserve the right to end the auction at any time. Any questions call Justin 423-262-7634. I"ve pretty much laid it all out for you but if you have any questions feel free to call. Please do not bid on this aircraft if you do not intend to purchase it. If you do not have money don"t bid on it. This is not a bid to go look at it after you"ve won the bidding. If you are bidding on this aircraft do your due diligence and go look at it prior to the auctions end. It is sitting on the tarmac for anyone to look at please don"t put a deposit and then expect to have three weeks or more to inspect before you pay. Payment is required within 72 hours of the auction ending . I don"t care what I get for it I just want somebody to get this nice project. Its a good airplane with no corrosion inside or on the airframe at all. There"s a couple of rivets on the tail feathers that have corrosion and the trim tab but other than that it"s just completely solid aircraft. Thanks for looking this is the second time listing because of non-payment
Current date: 2019-01-06