“Airframe TT: 2176(times will go up as flying every week). Low time airframe left in hanger and Not.

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“Airframe TT: 2176(times will go up as flying every week). Low time airframe- left in hanger and Not flown in the eighties therefore missing logged maintenance. Lots of $$$$ invested in the last 10 years.”


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TT: 2176E225-8 290 (times will go up) An All D-Shannon Be 35 with Speed-slope and 3rd windshield and D Shannon instrument panel.AvionicsTKM NAVCOMMicroAir COMGarmin GPS XL150FlightCom Intercom 4-placeKing Transponder
Perfect intro into Bonanza complex operations. This Bonanza has been upgraded and maintained. Extensive investments over recent years.Annual: June 2014
345 SMOH E225-8 in 2004 w/MagsBoth L/R fuel cell repaired 2005-Cleveland wheels and brakesDukes Aux pump installed (337-paperwork)Jasco Alternator STC - 2008Skin thickness AD 97-06-11 in 2008Re-skinned Ruddervators Aerosurfaces 2010Pressure carb Overhauled 2010 Overhauled Hartzell prop 2011–complied with ADOverhauled fuel pump/selector 2011 Installed Aux 10 gal tank 2012Installed Stabilizer attach fitting to remove AD 76-05-04 recurring inspections 2013Wing spar AD complied with etc..etc
Exterior 7Interior: 4 (though the headliner looks very good:8)
Current date: 2014-10-30