Navion 1947 1947 Ryan Navion F , 2450TT, 965 SMOH on IO 470H, 260 hp. Flush one piece windshield and.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Navion
Model Year: 1947
1947 Ryan Navion F Model, 2450TT, 965 SMOH on IO-470H, 260 hp. Flush one piece windshield and side windows. Flap step and leading edge vents. Fuel selector AD complied with. Terra 250 transponder, Bendix 720 com, glideslope receiver as well as VOR receiver. Overhead switch panel. Wingtip fuel, 34 gal each side. Fresh annual on sale. Located at L22 Yucca Valley, CA. Plane is locally advertised, so listing may end early. Owner has to sell the plane because of lack of insurance.· 2450 TTAF· 965 SMOH· IO-470H, 260 hp Cont.· Constant speed two blade propellor· Flush one piece windshield and side windows· Flap step mod· Leading edge fresh air vents· Fuel selector AD complied with· Terra 250 transponder· Bendix 720 Com· Glideslope reciever as well as VOR receiver· Overhead switch panel mod· Wingtip fuel tanks, 34 gallons each side· Palo Alto tail conversion· Toe Brakes· No damage history· Front step removal and step in flaps installed.· Not currently in annual, fresh annual prior to transaction· Plane available for pre buy inspection or participation at annual
Current date: 2017-05-05