1947 Stinson 1947 Stinson 108 2. 2440 TTAF, 940 SMOH. George Heinley built 6A4 165 B4 with 220.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1947
Make: Stinson
1947 Stinson 108-2. 2440 TTAF, 940 SMOH. George Heinley built 6A4-165-B4 with 220 crank. Clevelands, Auto gas, float fittings, Scott 3200, vacuum pump, IFR, strobes. Complete resto in 85. Still shows well. Extremely clean fuselage.
The Stinson Voyager is an undervalued aircraft. Many misconceptions have been placed on the Franklin engine. Most of which have been placed by those that have never flown behind one. Ask anyone that has owned a Franklin and they will tell you how smooth, durable and trustworthy these engines are. Parts are abundant, and many times much less then those of Continental or Lycoming. There is no published TBO on these engines, but they are capable of 2500 hours plus.
The Voyager with a 165 HP or better out performs many counterparts including the Cessna 172. Unlike the Cessna 172 it is a true four passenger that can take on full fuel and luggage. You can load the Voyager completely and not have to worry about CG limits. Load it up and go!
The Stinson Voyager also has an extremely robust landing gear and airframe. The Voyager is able to handle just about any condition airstrip with the most docile of characteristics for a tail wheel aircraft. Flight characteristic is also straight forward and forgiving. The slotted outer wing leading edges causes the stall to be inboard. This alleviates any possible sudden unusual attitude when stalled. It is impossible to invert a Voyager from slow improper maneuvers.
The Voyager frame is constructed of 4130. The wings are all aluminum including control surfaces. The landing gear is an inboard oleo system. The Voyager is an excellent trustworthy aircraft, that you will fall in love with. Look at one and compare before you buy anything else. It is truly the best bargain in the four place market.
Current date: 2018-05-28