1949 Ercoupe Please Note: This aircraft was sold recently on Ebay to a person with the Ebay name of.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1949
Make: Ercoupe
Please Note: This aircraft was sold recently on Ebay to a person with the Ebay name of willyhobag He told me he owns a Cessna 310. He did not send the required deposit. He offered to show up the following with a certified check for $16,000 more than the sale price, requesting I give him the overage back in cash or with my personal check. Suspecting this was a scam, I checked the FAA records for anyone with this name who holds a pilots license. There was no one on record. I asked the buyer to send me a copy of his pilots license. He did not respond. I asked him to send me the registration number of his Cessna 310. No response. He then vaporized. I reported him to Ebay as a Scammer. If this person contacts you, be careful and do your homework. This Ercoupe is for a very discriminating buyer. It"s not a Light Sport aircraft as the gross weight is 1400 lbs., 80 lbs. over the LSA limit. I am brokering the most beautiful and best equipped Ercoupe in existence. I base this statement on brokering 40 Ercoupes over the past 8 years. I know this Ercoupe REALLY well as I sold it to the current owner 4 four years ago and well as selling it to the owner before him! The last two owners never asked about cost when it came to maintenance or equipment they wanted in their Ercoupe. If the mechanic suggested it, it was done. If the owner wanted it, it was installed. I personally have at least 50 hours flying this magnificent machine. I owned an Ercoupe which won Best Of Show at the National Ercoupe Convention. I thought mine was the best of the best. The one that I am brokering in this ad is even nicer, a whole lot nicer! Everything about this Ercoupe is Rolls-Royce quality. The paint is beautiful and shines like it just came from the shop. The full leather interior was custom made and feels as good as it looks. The engine compartment has been detailed and customized to perfection. Just lifting the cowling makes people say “WOW”! Even the grooves on the screw heads all line up! No expense was spared making this Ercoupe world class. The Garmin 798 display mounted in the center of the panel will get you anywhere you want to go easily and spotting traffic with the TIS traffic avoidance system driven by the Garmin 330 Transponder will get you there safely (traffic shows up on the EFIS display). Note: since the photographs were taken, the Garmin display has been upgraded AGAIN to the new touch screen 796). The old style Artificial Horizon was replaced with a Dynon D1 EFIS. The D1 is a true artificial horizon with accurate pitch and roll, and can find the horizon even if turned on in flight. And it maintains the horizon during extended duration turns. The AHRS sensors also drive a turn rate indicator and slip/skid ball. Included is an internal GPS receiver to display GPS ground speed, altitude, vertical speed, and ground track. And it’s LEGAL! The bucket seats slide on tracks to accommodate those short or tall. Talk on one frequency and monitor a second with the Icom IC-210 communication radio (listen to ATIS while monitoring tower). There is more than $15,000 just in the panel alone! Recent upgrades include a light weight push-button starter, new muffler system, all tubing in engine compartment replaced with fire retardant material (pictures show old tubing), new ignition harness, oil quick drain and shoulder harnesses. A new Vertical Card Compass was installed as well as 406mhz. ELT. The digital tachometer also provides a timer, magneto warning indicator and flight time functions. A beautiful custom glairshield was recently installed as well as map pockets. Also included in the sale is an Icom A6 VHF transceiver for checking weather and ATIS before engine start. The windows are crystal clear. Total time airframe is only 1980 hrs. SMOH-950. Only 155 hrs. since Top Overhaul with factory new cylinders. All logs. No rudder pedals but a set is available should you want them (why?). Aircraft is hangared at 7FL6, Port Orange, Florida. Delivery anywhere in the US can be arranged for expenses and a reasonable fee. Owner selling Ercoupe only to fly his equally magnificent 182. Buyer must send $2000 deposit within 24 hours of auction close via wire or next day mail service. Balance to be paid within 14 days. If you or your mechanic is not 100 percent satisfied with the aircraft when you come to pick it up, your deposit will be immediately refunded in full, no questions asked. Please feel free to have a mechanic inspect the plane prior to auction close. Call 917 297 1111 for an appointment. Aircraft located at 7FL6, Port Orange, Florida. Specifications: 1949 ERCOUPE FAA Registration Number N415G Serial Number 5052 Manufactured April 14, 1949 EQUIPMENT LIST N415G GARMIN 330 TRANSPONDER WITH TRAFFIC INFO (provides TIS Traffic) GARMIN 796 GPS GIZMO PANEL MOUNTED. COM IC-210 AIR BAND TRANSCEIVER • VOX INTERCOM. HAMILTON VERTICAL COMPASS. ELECTRIC GYRO COMPASS W/ HEADING BUG ALTIMETER • AIRSPEED INDICATOR 2 MIN. ELECTRIC TURN COORDINATOR VSI VERTICAL SPEED INDICATOR DIGITAL “HORIZON” TACHOMETER FORNEY CONSOLE TRIM * FORNEY SLIDER BUCKET SEATS BUBBLE WIND SCREEN • SPECIAL CHECK LIST. SPECIAL FORNEY REAR BRACING BAR INSTALLED CUSTOM LEATHER INTER • LARGE BAGGAGE AREA CUSTOM RED W / BLACK & GOLD FINE PAINTED TRIM BRACKETS TO KEEP EACH COWLING SIDE OPEN KEEP ‘EM-UP WINDOW LOCKS • NEW REAR PLEXIGLASS CHROMED VALVE COVERS • CHROMED EXHAUST. PLANE POWER ALTERNATOR • 406 ELT. FIRE RETARDENT HOSES • PANEL PARKING BRAKE POLISHED ALUMINUM PROPELLER & SPINNER LITTLE DIPPER BOTH WING TANKS (ACCURATE FUEL GAUGE) OUTSIDE AIRCRAFT LEVEL GAUGE NEW WING TANKS SHUT-OFF VALVE BATTERY TENDER W / EXTERNAL AIRCRAFT FEMALE PLUGS DONUTS REPLACED & SPECIAL SPACERS INSTALLED (72” TAIL HEIGHT) AS PER MR. BILL COONS • DUAL FORK NOSE WHEEL CLEVELAND BRAKES • WHEEL FAIRINGS • BOARDING HANDLES NEW CENTER SECTION INSPECTION PLATES - SB-31 TEMP, OIL, FUEL & AMP GAUGES • DIGITAL LED VOLT METER ALL AIRCRAFT MANUALS • LOG BOOKS • ALL FAA 337 FORMS CURRENT ANNUAL / FLOWN REGULARLY FAA AD 2012-08-06 (AILERON & AI) COMPLETED MARCH 2013. EMPTY WEIGHT 950.
Current date: 2018-01-22