“Ouch!” I ve always admired and wanted a Comanche 250. It s a good looking airplane and, with a.

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I"ve always admired and wanted a Comanche 250. It"s a good looking airplane and, with a Lycoming O-540-AIA5 engine, it"s a fast cross country machine. Cruise speeds, depending on how far you want to push the throttle, range from 140 to 157 knots at a fuel burn of between 10 to 14 gallons per hour. That extra horsepower made the 250 much more popular than the Comanche 180, with the extra 20 knot cruise speed and ability to haul more off shorter runways. This Comanche 250 had been well maintained. It has a nice classic paint job that looks really handsome, as well as a nice interior. It"s equipped for IFR with an MX-170 and glideslope (although the glideslope is placarded for unknown reasons). The second navcom, a Narco NCS 812 and tray, has been removed. Since its been living in the dry western desert states of Arizona and Utah, there are no corrosion issues (beware buying a classic aircraft that"s lived near the coast….. been there, paid the price myself). The expensive Comanche 250 ADs have been taken care of. The aileron nose rib, landing gear component, aileron spar cracks, stabilator attach bolts, exhaust muffler, and nose gear drag link airworthiness directives have been satisfied with the applicable Piper kits installed. This is not a full list of the ADs that have been satisfied, though. I have a complete scan of all AD compliance record available for your review in my dropbox (see link below). Total time on the airframe is 3588. Time since major overhaul, in 1992, is only 829 hours. The propeller, a new upgraded McCauley B3D32C412-C three blade model with spinner, was installed in 2006. Aiframe and engine log books, as well as the AD compliance record and FAA records have been scanned into pdf files and are available in my dropbox, along with even more pictures. Unfortunately, this nice 250 met the runway in a gear up landing. It was reported that the gear indicated down but collapsed on landing. However, there are no scuff marks on door sidewalls, gear doors, or anywhere else that would have occurred during a gear collapse. Pictures show the damage to the belly. In addition, to add insult to injury, the bottom leading edge of the left wing was dented by an impatient driver in an Audi who thought he needed to get by instead of wait two minutes while the Comanche was being moved on a trailer. He drove by my buddy who tried to stop him, clipped the bottom of the wing with the top of his windshield, and then took off to never be seen again. Nobody got his license plate, but I hope to meet up with this guy some day and hope karma has already put him in a ditch somewhere. Some people… Sheesh. Anyway, I had thought to have a paintless dent removal guy smooth it out because it"s not that bad but have decided to leave it for the new buyer to deal with. I bought this project with the idea of rebuilding it to replace my Cessna 310 as a good cross country airplane. However, I"ve decided to make a career change that will require building up more twin time in my logbook. While the Comanche 250 would haul all I need at the same speed for much less cost, I need to stick with the 310 for the next couple of years and can"t keep this Comanche waiting around in the meanwhile. This airplane is currently stored in my hangar at KRYN, where I can keep it until the end of May. After that, I can either keep it in the hangar at $300 a month or put it on an outside tiedown at $50 a month. I can also give you phone numbers for other people on the field who may be able to lease you storage for cheaper. If you want to fly it out, I can assist with engine hoist, aircraft jacks, or other tools you may need to get it ready. Please use the FAA records in the dropbox link give above to confirm the airplane is lien free and to review 337s that have been filed. All logbooks from day one to current are included and I"ve scanned them all for your review. Also, please send me any questions you might have and I will try to answer as quickly as I can. Reserve of $12000 and Buy It Now are set based on other confirmed sales of Comanche 180 and 250 aircraft that have had gear up incidents (older eBay listings for previous gear up Comanches are available through Google). Remember that this is a relatively low time Lycoming that is worth a substantial amount just by itself, and you"re bidding here on an entire aircraft. Buy early, bid often, and bid high…. or just hit the Buy It Now and get it over with! Good luck!
Current date: 2017-04-29