Mooney 1965 1965 Mooney M20E TurboS N 639TTSN 2360 AircraftSFRM 1530 Compression at last annual:#1.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Mooney
Model Year: 1965
1965 Mooney M20E Turbo
S/N 639
TTSN 2360 - Aircraft
SFRM 1530
Compression at last annual:
#1 76/80, #2 76/80, #3 78/80, #4 77/80
STOH 395
Sudden stoppage inspection 420 hrs
SPOH 325.0
This is a later hub that has no 100 inspection A/D
KX15 G/S Nav Com
KX155 LOC/VOR Nav Com
KMA 24 Audio Panel
KT76A Transponder
PS Eng 4 place intercom
Vertical Card Compass
201 Spinner
Cowling Enclosure
Gap Seals
One Piece Belly (Lasar)
Shoulder Harness
Insight Color Engine Monitor
4 place Sky Ox Built-in Oxygen
Electric Gear
Ray Jay Turbocharger
Recent Items:
New Tinted Windshield
Engine Monitor Installed
Carpet Kit Installed
New Battery
Damage History:
07/12/2000 TTSN 1940 hrs Gear Up Landing
Inspection Status:
Annual Due 11/01/2016
Transponder 05/03/2016
This is a very fast and economical airplane. It flys and runs perfectly.
Located in Brigham City, UT.
Possible delivery after purchase for expenses.
Call Dan at 435-730-1324 with questions.
Current date: 2016-10-04