Cessna 1966 I am listing this airplane for a friend s family who recently passed away. It is a 1966.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Cessna
Model Year: 1966
I am listing this airplane for a friend"s family who recently passed away. It is a 1966 Cessna 182 with a Robertson STOL kit. It has 1982 hours total time, 240 Since Major Overhaul in 1992, 240 hours since prop overhaul. It is equipped with a KX-155 w/glide slope, the other radio is an old Loran. The airplane is polished aluminum with gray painted wings and a blue stripe. It is an extremely clean airframe and clean of corrosion. The glass is very good. The interior is original and has a couple tears in the lower vinyl on the front seats. I flew the airplane in August, it flew strait and ran perfect.
The Robertson is one of the most advanced STOL kits for a Cessna 182. I understand it to have been a $28,500 add on. The system includes a fence on top of the wing, a leading edge cuff, large wheels and tires with the large nose gear fork, and most of all... the Ailerons that droop with the flaps.
The story on the airplane is that it has been sitting in a dry, sealed, concrete floor hangar since 2009 and not been used. The last time the airplane was airworthy was in 2010. Recently I flew it to my home town airport with a ferry permit and had an annual inspection completed. Read carefully... The annual inspection is complete, but it was NOT signed off airworthy. It will need several repairs by an A&P (IA not required) and can be put into service. Such repairs include a repair to a bulkhead in the tail cone, engine baffle and baffle seal, fuel bladders, one cylinder was a little low on compression (mid 50"s I think). The inspection my local shop completed was extremely thorough and you would be very safe to use it as a pre buy inspection. My shop has made a bid to complete all the repairs for $12700. I have attached the estimate. Some things not included in the estimate is that it needs polished and needs carpet.
The aircraft has had damage history twice, once in 1986 and once in the 90"s. The incident in the "86, the aircraft had a runway excursion and ran over a steel runway marker, the aircraft was fly able and flew to Saint Paul, MN where WipAir repaired it. In 1996 it had a landing too firm on the nose gear and required replacement of the firewall to the heavier duty reinforced firewall. I feel like the craftsman ship is excellent in both repairs.
The family selling would like to have $50,000. I will take them any offer made. I don"t know the bottom dollar, so I can"t answer that question.
I can help anyone make maintenance arrangements, acquire a ferry permit or schedule a time to come look at it. I am a flight instructor and can also help with any training needs.
Current date: 2016-10-04