1966 Piper Twin Comanche B All Logs Since NewAbsolutely No Damage HistoryNo Corrosion or Hail.

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Condition: Used
1966 Piper Twin Comanche B ModelAll Logs Since NewAbsolutely No Damage HistoryNo Corrosion or Hail Damage
TT:5493-Engine #1 IO-320B1A 160HP 375 SMOH (2008) Poplar Grove Airmotive, Millenium Cylinders
-Engine #2 IO-320B1A 160HP 2000 SMOH/wPower Section 600hrs STOP 375hrs
Engine #2 had a case crack 600hrs ago and a new bottom and and Divco case at that time, 425hrs ago New Millennium Cylinders were installed mags recently overhauled. Not a SMOH because it wasn"t all done "at the same time"
Prop #1 50hrs SMOH (2018 Hartzell Propeller Inc.)Prop #2 50hrs SMOH (2018 Hartzell Propeller Inc.)
All AD"s Complied current.
170KTS TAS at 17GPH Combined! Only Twin That Can Do That!
AD 77-13-21 (1000 hour gear overhaul! not bungees) C/W 5379 TT Next due 6379 (about 900 hours Remaining)Janitrol Heater Decay Test C/W (New Janitrol)
Gear Motor and trans O/H Dukes Inc 2017
Annual due April 2019 IFR due 6/18
Interior completely refurbished July 2016, All leather soft goods, new head liner, carpet, all chrome replated.All new exterior glass incl. one piece windshield 2016.
Avionics are S-Tec 30 Autopilot with Altitude Hold and electric pitch trim.Nav/Com 1 is a Garmin 430W Nav/Com 2 is a King KX 165Sandel HSIAutopilot fully coupled to GPS and has GPSS steering.Digital EGT Monitor.Navajo STC"d Control wheels powder coated with A/P disconnect, electric trim, ect.Strike Finder
Engines run great compressions all 75/80 or better. Tires and Brakes are new.
All LoPresti Speed Mods Done.
Recent Upgrades include:One Piece Windshield $2500LoPresti Root Fairings $1400LoPresti Hub Caps. $500Fine Wire Plugs $1500Complete New Interior$11,500Hartzell first run props $22,000Garmin 430W GI106. $15,000 inst.Stec-30 Auto-Pilot. $17,000S-Tec-30 Alt Hold $10,000Sandel HSI $3500All New Windows. $3000ICARUS GPSS $6,000Navajo Yokes $1000This plane has had at LEAST $150,000 of upgrades done in the past 5 years.
This plane needs nothing, is flown regularly, fresh out of extensive annual..
All logs are on ADLOG.
Fuel Capacity 120 Gallons
Tip Tank Gross Weight Increase 3725 lbs.
Great personal twin and cross country machine with a great panel and avionics.
I own this ship, no brokers here.
Let"s cut to the chase...am I giving away this Twinco? No. Have I owned it 30 years and want every dollar I got into it back? No. Is everything AD current with exceptional annuals? Yes. Sure...you can buy a decent ship with timed out motors for 50K...but remember...a prop will cost you $12k...mine were just done at Hartzell with new blades...so many things that can make a good deal a bad deal...this airplane flies 3-4 times a week, has a 100% dispatch rate...has never been belly flopped...and is ready to fly. I"m not negotiable. No, I won"t fly it to your mechanic to look at...am I interested in trades? I do not want something you can"t sell...trade for a well equipped single moving to a airpark and this plane is simply too big...a Arrow with some crazy avionics...something with club seating...$80k is my cash price.
If you are interested...you can call me at (630) 273-7595 leave a message
Current date: 2018-05-17