Grumman 1969 1969 Grumman American Yankee Clipper AA1 Fast wing! Open top glass Canopy cockpit.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Grumman
Model Year: 1969
1969 Grumman American Yankee Clipper AA1 Fast wing! Open top glass Canopy cockpit, cruise @ 115mph at 6 gph at 9,000 ft. You can fly with the canopy half open. TT1200 slowly increasing. Flown monthly VFR six pack steam gauges, night lights. Lyc 0235 eng with compressions all in mid seventies. New alternator, new Gel battery, and new interior in matching colors. Has an outside cover and a solar battery charger, digital fuel flow meter. OAT meter, g meter. time distance meter. It also has the hand tow bar and some spare parts. It comes with a painted matching set of wheel fairings and mounting hardware( I never installed them ---they are like new). Transponder , radio and intercom system. Great cheap time builder. I got married and have a new step son so I need a bigger plane. I love this plane and the way it flies like a RV6! I have had my fun -now it"s your turn. Asking $16,000 with fresh annual or $15,000 with out. OBO Will consider a half trade for a nice self drive RV or center console boat and the rest in cash! So if your looking for a nice two seat plane and have a nice RV you hardly ever use lets trade. My number is 321-544-2025 o r rob ert raw 1 at ms n d ot c o m. Send pics of the RV and it must be a nice one for me to want to trade- a non smoked in unit. You drive down here and fly home. I live near Cocoa Beach , Florida---- mid state on east coast. The nose art is a removble sticker . No damage history or delamination on wings. Normal six pack dash like the rest of them. It has been relisted due to a goof ball non paying buyer! Rob
Current date: 2016-10-10