1970 Cessna 150 Piper 1970 Cessna 150. AFTT 4297 hrs.THIS AIRPLANE IS ASSEMBLED.Relisting because.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1970 Cessna 150
Make: Piper
1970 Cessna 150. AFTT 4297 hrs.
Relisting because according to wife of buyer, "he is not mentally stable..."
I bought this airplane 3 years ago to finish rebuild that was started by previous owner. He stripped and painted wings, flaps, ailerons, struts, cowling and other parts. He also had engine overhauled and it has 10 hrs. SMOH. For whatever reason engine did not get signed off. I think he may have passes away.
Complete logs. Aircraft located at CLW.
Aircraft had sat in a barn for a number of years before he started the rebuild. Went to Texas and brought it to FLA. Reassembled airplane and did annual. Replaced windshield and most exterior plastic pieces. Has 3 wheel skirts but they need work.
Aircraft has no radios installed. I will include KX155 with glide slope VOR, KMA 24, a KT76 with encoder, trays and connectors. Radios will not be installed.
Airplane will have a fresh annual. It has been hangered in my hanger or barn for at least 30 years. 727 565 9265
Current date: 2018-11-17