“Very correct, tons of fun, fly it home today!!” 1971 Scottish 1971 Scottish Aviation Bulldog.

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“Very correct, tons of fun, fly it home today!!”
Model Year: 1971 Make: Scottish
1971 Scottish Aviation Bulldog, Series 100 MDL 101, Serial # 119
Ex-Swedish Airforce, SK-61,
Very Correct panel and options ordered by Sweden,
Boxes of logs and manuals, lots in Swedish, logs since new.
Warbird parking anywhere, great history!
-4787 TTAF
-1461 SMOH, 200HP Lycoming IO-360 A1B6,
-Hartzell Aerobatic Prop, Constant Speed,
-Condition inspection due 12/2018,
-New Batteries, new plugs,
-Dual Sticks, dual brakes, dual throttles,
-3 seats,
-Sliding canopy,
-Nice Paint, very original interior,
-38 gallons usable,
-Newer Tires,
-King KFS 564 Nav. VOR/Glideslope (inop, turns on but display does not work)
-Still has the original first-aid kit, and Axe,
-Comes with 2 original helmets, 2 headsets, and 2 parachutes,
-Full canopy cover and Prop cover,
-Paint is nice, some dings on the rudder from hangar, some dents on back of sliding canopy....none of this effects flying, and should be expected on a 1971 Ex-military plane; do not expect it to look like a new Gulfstream!
10 Gal/hr, Aerobatic, great warbird history, fun-factor is off the charts!!

Super cheap to own and fly, doesn’t get much better, and yes the brackets on the side are for Cross-Country Skis....(ordered by the Royal Swedish Air-force).
Flies great, flies regularly, fly anywhere today.
Located at KLNS, feel free to call or text John: 717-515-3434
Current date: 2018-01-28