1973 Cessna For Sale: 1973 Cessna 150L TTAF: 11,000Hobbs: 1440 SMOH: 826.0 completed on 02 23 2013.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1973
Make: Cessna
For Sale: 1973 Cessna 150L TTAF: 11,000Hobbs: 1440 SMOH: 826.0 completed on 02/23/2013 Annual Inspection: May 26, 2017 Transponder Cert: May 30, 2017 IFR Cert: Currently not IFR certified but the instruments are in the standard 6 pack order and previously, this plane was IFR Certified. No reason to believe it couldn"t be re-certified if you want to have the ability to fly it IFR.
The plane was purchased through an amazing flight school. All the maintenance has been kept up to date and has the complete maintenance records. The plane was owned by a school, therefore 100-hour inspections and an maintenance was an absolute priority.
I absolutely love the plane and it has been flying great. I have completed all my private pilot training in the aircraft this past 10 days. I would absolutely love to keep the plane but I am a 310lb+ Olympic shot putter and none of my friends (I am considered the small one) would be able to join me in the plane.
The plane flies great and has no known issues and no corrosion.
There is one reported damage history. In December 1975, there was "major repair" to the nose section of the plane. The Form 337 and the logbook simply say major repair completed in accordance with FAR... I don"t know what happened and they didn"t detail it anywhere.
STC for Auto Gas STC for oil filter installed
The airplane is at the Tampa Executive Airport (KVDF) in Tampa, FL. Time is subject to change a bit but it should not be more than 20 hours more then I have listed. Storage fees are paid through February 2018. Buyer is responsible for storage beginning March 1, 2018.
I flew it to Palm Beach yesterday and Orlando today!!
I have been getting around 4-5 gph to all my training flights
Current date: 2018-02-01