1973 Grumman 1973 Grumman AA5 Traveler.Serial Number AA5 0443TT 2080.2TSMOH 70.2 Lycoming 0320 160.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: 1973
Model Year: Grumman
1973 Grumman AA5 Traveler.Serial Number AA5-0443TT-2080.2TSMOH 70.2 Lycoming 0320 160 HPProp - 235As pictured the plane will require some paint and reassembly, The wing are currently off the plane and will need repainted and the tanks looked at, I bought plane as a project and mainly due to the low time engine and prop. All radio will come with the airplane{not pictured is MX11, Narco flip/flop KT76,ADF,VOR indicator and KI209} engine runs great and I started by putting on new tires,rims and brakes and removed wings and decided to go with flyable aircraft instead of spending my days , nights and weekend doing a restore. Interior will need some plastic trim pieces , seats are not terrible. Last annual was in 2006 and plane sat for and extended period prior to my purchase. I do not see any corrosion on fuselage , wings appear to be serviceable, tanks will need attention. no major dents are dings, a little paint and plastic work would make a nice aircraft. Prop , Spinner , Wheel Pants and radios are boxed up and will be with the airplane. complete, but I"m sure there will be some small items you mite need to finish. I moved the plane on a 16 ft regular trailer. I do have a set of wing holder that the wing are stored in, if the purchasing party needed for transportation. Aircraft is registered and will be sold as is, needing the above attention and further repairs / restore.No prior damage history found in logbooks which are present from new in 1973 to present repairs.listed in multiple site, don"t want to part it out , would like to sell as a complete project. feel free to call 832-524-2965 if there"s any additional question. low reserve to sell will need to be pick up within two weeks or pay hanger rental.
Current date: 2017-05-05