1975 Cessna TTAF 14829.7Heater Hobbs 1867.8Last Annual 09 18 2016Last IFR 04 02 2016LE TTSN 2195.7.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1975
Make: Cessna
TTAF 14829.7Heater Hobbs 1867.8Last Annual 09/18/2016Last IFR 04/02/2016LE TTSN 2195.7 IO-520-M1BRE SMOH 18.7 IO-520-M1LPROP SMOH 1236.8 PHC-C3YF-2UFRPROP SMOH 1156.4 PHC-C3YF-2UF
Damage history: Prop strike on each engine approx Oct 2015 found out from contact with previous owner. Flown >50 hours since props installed. No prop strike inspections, dialed crankshafts <0.001". Some minor corrosion spots on exterior due to worn out paint.
Flies solid. Very reliable starting and running.Interior 8/10 Exterior Paint 7/10
Will begin parting out soon if doesn"t sell!
Current date: 2018-03-10