Cessna 1975 Top of the line piston twin 1975 Cessna 421B Golden Eagle Executive Commuter with around.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Cessna
Model Year: 1975
Top-of-the-line piston twin 1975 Cessna 421B Golden Eagle/Executive Commuter with around 8600 hours total time. Eight-seat light passenger transport aircraft. Powered by two Continental GTSIO-520-Hs. The high-power output of the geared engines allows for a maximum gross weight of over 7,000 lbs and a useful load of 1,950 lbs. Burns about 40 gph in cruise and flys at 225 kts. The plane has two 50 main tip tanks, two 48 wing tanks, and one 28 Nacelle on the left side.
The exterior is overall white with blue and gold accent stripes, the interior is blue leatherThe hallmarks of this plane are cabin comfort and load carrying ability. It utilizes TCM GTSIO-520 engines producing 375 HP each. Because they are geared, the prop RPM is low compared to a direct drive engine - about 1/3 lower. Typically, in cruise, they turn at 1,800 RPM which makes for a very quiet cabin. Passengers can converse without headsets and arrive at their destination less fatigued. The cabin features a galley, a bathroom, and fold out writing tables.
Equipment: De-ice Boots 1/2001Toilet with Aft Divider and CurtainAft Refreshment CenterJB Air ConditioningPilot and Co-Pilot Adjustable SeatsLH Wing Locker 22 Fuel
Avionics: 2 Garmin GNS 430Garmin GTX 320 Transponder Goodrich WX-950 StormscopeBendix 810 AutoMK-10 Radio AltimeterGarmin GMA 340 Audio SystemRDR 130 B & W RadarKDF-805 ADFYaw DampnerAngle of Attack Indicator Engines Require Overhaul at 1600 Hours Engine 1 Time Since Overhaul: 1280 Hours Engine 2 Time Since Overhaul: 1280 Hours
Current date: 2017-05-08