1977 Piper Arrow This aircraft has been repainted within the last year. The paint is about a 8. The.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1977
Make: Piper Arrow
This aircraft has been repainted within the last year. The paint is about a 8. The paint was not stripped. It was sanded to paint. The color is burgundy and off-white. Engine has 32 hours since major overhaul. All accessories overhauled. They have been sent off, rebuilt, and yellow-tagged. The prop has 32 hours since new, NOT rebuilt, at a cost of $10,800. The radios are older radios which don"t mean much anymore, but they are 720 channel and they do work. It does have a 300XL radio. Wing leveler and heading auto 3 autopilot. WX10 stormscope that works well which is worth very little. Transponder and everything else works well. 4 place intercom. It also has new tan leather interior at a cost of $4,000, and all new glass. It has a fresh annual. Receipts available and all AD"s complied with. Total time on the airplane is 4,300 hours. Has full set of log books since new. No damage history. Overhaul was done by Mountain View Air Repair 501-940-2299, Mountain View, Arkansas. Mechanic is very hard to get along with but he builds good motors. If you choose to call his number, get ready for a man that doesn"t care much for other people"s feelings.
Payment by cashier"s check, cash, or bank wire to be cleared before plane leaves airport. Would give considerable discount for cash. Have lowered the price on the plane for not much more than the prop and overhaul cost. If you want a good airplane that has a lot of time left on it, this is your airplane. If you are looking for a new airplane (not trying to act smart), you should probably try to buy somewhere else. No dealers please.
Location of airplane is now in Farmer City, Illinois. Airport identifier 2KO
If you have any questions, call Howard at 217-369-9670. Please call and do NOT email. Thanks.
P.S. This does have oxygen that goes with the plane.
Current date: 2018-07-11