1978 Cessna 78 152 with O 320, 150hp. 15k TTAF, approx 1900 engine. 39 gal wing tanks with removable.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1978
Make: Cessna
78 152 with O-320, 150hp. 15k TTAF, approx 1900 engine. 39 gal wing tanks with removable 14.5 gal aux tank (NORMAL category with tank removed, RESTRICTED when installed). Dual impulse couplers for instant starts. 28V system. Garmin VFR stack with GMA 340, GPS 396 with WX and XM radio. One of the best 152"s out there, and 150hp is amazing and fun. Climb 1000fpm, cruise 110 on 8.5gph.
This airplane was my pet project; to not own the usual junk that"s out there. I worked hard to make it a nice plane to fly for us and be simple, safe and reliable. It flies straight and true. I usually travel using only light pressures on the rudder pedals to maintain course.
The engine was installed under a 337 Field Aproval - Yes, it"s legal. I don"t have pics of the engine (I currently fly the airplane), but I assure you, it looks like every other O-320 you"ve ever seen. I fly it regularly on trips (some business, some pleasure) and it"s never hiccuped. I trust it completely. It uses a quart of oil about every 4hrs - completely normal oil burn.
I had the prop 0 time overhauled and balanced, probably 150 hrs on it now. It"s in great shape.
Tires were replaced last year and nose strut overhauled. The wheel pants were rebuilt, and they"re nice to have. I gutted the interior and cleaned 40 years of junk out its belly. The seat frames were overhauled and painted with new cushions and nice fabric covers. All new carpets were installed. I had the engine mount overhauled, and went through all of the wiring. It"s very clean and everything works as it should.
It had minor surface corrosion under the fuel tanks. This was removed and the fuel bays treated. It should not return now, especially since I had the fuel tank leaks fixed. One thing to watch for on these airplanes is the pheonlic blocks that keeps the tanks from rubbing on the spar (and ruining it). These are installed and in good shape.
The purchaser of this fine airplane will be required to put $500 down within 2 business days via Paypal. Naturally, the final sale will be dependent on a competent final inspection of the airplane. This deposit will be returned only upon a failed competent inspection of the airplane. So please bid appropriately. If you can"t afford the auction price, please DO NOT BID. The final payment IN CASH will be made in full upon and before delivery of the airplane. Delivery of the airplane to its final destination will be the sole responsibility of the buyer.
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