Sonerai 1981 CC Parts Store cyclecentralinc (549 ) 100% Visit Store: CC Parts Store Motorcycles.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Sonerai
Model Year: 1981

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cyclecentralinc (549 ) 100% Visit Store: CC Parts Store Motorcycles
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We have a Monnett Sonnerai II Experimental aircraft for your consideration, Registration # N9028F. This has a RevMaster 2100D engine. We acquired this aircraft from the private owner and are now putting it on the market. It appears to be complete and functional. The wings do maneuver out into place fine as well as fold back in. We did run the engine about a year ago with no issues, We have not started it since then. It has been stored in our temperature controlled warehouse since we have had it, and by the looks of the plane, It has not been subjected to the outside elements. All of the hand controls seem to perform their function Ok, The canopy is solid and seems to seal as it should. The plexi glass cover is free from any cracks or repairs. This aircraft is available for your inspection in Loveland Colorado The body does have some flaws ( Please see the group of photos) This aircraft appears to be all complete and of sound condition. Please feel free to ask any questions or details / photos.We do not have any of the log books for this plane.There is a $1000.00 Paypal deposit required to secure your aircraft. The balance due upon pickup is cash basis or advance wire transfer
Current date: 2017-06-11