Teratorn Aircraft 1983 1983 T Bird Ultralight Aircraft with Rotax 277. currently flying. Good.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Teratorn Aircraft
Model Year: 1983
1983 T-Bird Ultralight Aircraft with Rotax 277. currently flying. Good condition. Has Altimeter, EGT, Airspeed Indicator. it is Pull start. has brakes. Part 103 legal. You do not need pilots license. no annuals. Regular car gas with 2 stroke oil mix. has 5 gallon tank will fly for 2 hours on 5 gallons. burns 2 1/2 gallons per hour. Extremely docile, no bad tendencies. take off speed is 35. landing is 35. stall is 30. climbs at 45, cruise is 55. I weigh 240 lbs and am 5"11. take off in 300 ft or less. landing is 100 ft or less distance to stop. selling need funds for Pilots License. WILL INCLUDE: Rotax 532 with replacement Head and piston. videos available on youtube jmtbird14 feel free to contact me with questions.956 309 5057Thank you for looking.
Current date: 2017-05-27