Cessna 1984 1984 CESSNA 172P N96637, SERIAL # 17276100 Price Reduced!Former Flight School Airplane.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Cessna
Model Year: 1984
1984 CESSNA 172P N96637, SERIAL # 17276100 - Price Reduced!Former Flight School Airplane ALL SPECIFICATIONS SUBJECT TO VERIFICATION - TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE 18,815 TTSN
Extensive April 2017 Annual Inspection
Lycoming O-320 D2J 160hp – 2847 SMOH by Precision Airmotive
Compressions: 74/80, 76/80, 72/80, 71/80 – The engine starts, runs, and performs well and has no prop strike history. Yes, it is beyond TBO. The airplane is conveniently hangared at KFWS in Fort Worth, TX – 30 minutes from DFW Airport or 40 minutes from Love Field - if you need to airline in. Avionics:
Cessna 400 Audio Panel with Marker Beacon
Michel MX-385A Nav Comm with Glide Slope & VOR-LOC Indicator
ARC RT-385A Nav Comm with VOR-LOC Indicator
ARC R-546E ADF with Indicator
ARC RT-359A Transponder with Encoder
King KN-64 DME
Sigtronics Intercom

Original paint & interior are a “4.5 - 5.0” on a scale of 10. American Flyers logos were removed but their residue is visible if the airplane is dirty. Interior plastic is better than expected for a flight school airplane, but not perfect. No wheel pants. The cosmetics are consistent with an 18,000+ hour flight school airplane, but they are fine for a small flight school, a time builder, or a starter airplane. There is a modern paint shop on our airport capable of painting the airplane. If you are interested in a freshly painted airplane, this would be a separate transaction from the initial purchase. Documentation:
Airframe logs between 1984 and 1994 are missing; the rest of the records are great. Extensive April 2017 annual inspection by an outstanding local shop included an update of the Equipment List and Weight & Balance, an IFR certification, new main gear tires and tubes, new battery, new ELT battery, new seat rails, and much more.
The Rest:
This airplane does not have any major damage history. It has hangar rash consistent with its age, but no visible hail. It is clean and straight for a flight school airplane and runs and flies well. All the avionics and instruments work properly. If you are looking for a late model creampuff, this is not a suitable airplane for you. If you are looking for a straight flying, solid 172 with excellent potential, this airplane is a good choice - come inspect it and make an offer.
Here are a few brief videos of the airplane, if the link doesn"t work, simply copy and paste it into your browser.
here Q&A: A 172P priced in the $30,000 range obviously generates some interest.... So here are some of the questions I"ve gotten about the airplane and my answers: Q: Does it have any damage history? A: Yes. The lower firewall was repaired early in the airplane"s service life. This is typically the result of a hard or bounced landing. There is no Form 337 documenting this repair, as it does not meet the standard of a major repair or alteration. Obviously, the current engine and prop WERE NOT the engine and prop installed when this incident occurred. The current engine DOES NOT have a prop strike or any other damage history Q: Does it have any issues with corrosion? A: No. One of the few advantages of this airplane having its original paint is that you can see that there are no undocumented patches or repairs, nor is there any visible corrosion. Q: 18,815 hours total time???? 2847 SMOH????? A: Yes. That isn"t a misprint or typo :-) Major flight schools buy airplanes for one reason - to use them in training. The more the airplanes fly, the more profitable the enterprise. So the airplane flew A LOT. Despite all those flying hours, the airplane flies great with no rigging or handling issues and performs exactly like a 172P should perform. The Cessna 172 has never had a life limit on its airframe or any major airframe component. The highest time Cessna 172 was used commercially in tropical Belize and was retired after it exceeded 30,000 flight hours - this dry climate airplane with professional maintenance has plenty of life left in it. Regarding the engine time, major flight schools overhaul their engines "on condition". TBO is the engine manufacturer"s RECOMMENDATION - it is not mandatory for airplanes operated under Part 91, Part 61, or Part 141. Flight schools are thus incentivized to maintain their engines well and run them as long as is safe and economically feasible. So yes, this engine is 847 hours beyond TBO. It runs great, with excellent compression, good oil pressure and temperature, very low oil consumption, and it develops full power. We have the ability to install a freshly overhauled engine or overhaul the existing engine in our shop; this would be a separate transaction from the initial purchase, but if you"re interested, let"s talk.
Current date: 2017-04-28