1998 All known upgrades except one are already complete! Well maintained, kept inside. If you re.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1998
All known upgrades except one are already complete! Well maintained, kept inside. If you"re looking at this unit then you"ve probably know all about them, but I will include the specs below! I paid $16,000 for this unit, I"m relisting because of a nonpaying winner with ended over $16,000. I will start the bid at $14K with no reserve. I"m only selling because I am investing the money in my business and my wedding.
I purchased this unit 2 years ago from a mechanic"s family, the mechanic that passed away. The unit has been winterized (so you"ll need to refill the fluids and you"re all ready), and you will just need a look over from your mechanic to make sure everything is still tight after transporting.
I have the flight-worthy documents from 2 years ago, manuals, parts lists, blade sample, and other corresponding documentation. ABOUT 84 hours on the engine, I will update with another photo.
This is a great unit, and was well maintained. I just had a mechanic that was very familiar with mini"s and he said the only thing that he would do is the last upgrade. The last upgrade is a guard that needs the drive belt on, there are some cases with extreme full power takeoffs that could result in the belt distorting enough to fall off. There was slight damage, shown in picture on the back tail fin when I moved it I bumped it into the wall bringing it into the garage. This was always kept in a garage, one picture is in a barn with the tail sticking out, I always show this to people as a joke that my helicopter wouldn"t fit in the barn (first world problems). This should fit in most places, look at the size specs if you have any questions if you have short garages, etc.
The blades need to be taken off to transport, if you would like me to transport the unit to you I can do it for a fee and put the blades back on with you and give you a run down about the unit.
Delivery/pickup:The helicopter is located in Midland, VA. About an hour away from DC. This will be in an open trailer, and I will have insurance to cover if there is an accident or road hazard damage the helicopter. I can deliver around the 16th of October, but we can work out something with both of our schedules. I would like someone to be their with me when so I can put the blades back on and give a run down of the unit.
In the US will be about $1/mile with a minimum of $1,000 (if you"re closer than 5 hours let me know). I"ve got the week off and I can run around to anywhere in the country if needed. (ie- Florida is $1000, California is $3000)I have some international shipping quotes China: $4,000, South Korea: $3500If you have any other shipping questions just text or call me.
General characteristics:
Crew: 1Length: 22 ft 6 in (6.9 m)Main rotor diameter: 19 ft 0 in (5.79 m)Width: 5 ft 3 in (1.6 m)Height: 8 ft 1 in (2.5 m)Empty weight: 330 lb (150 kg)Gross weight: 820 lb (372 kg)Powerplant: 1 × Rotax 582 piston engine, 64 hp (48 kW) eachPerformance
Maximum speed: 115 mph (186 km/h)Cruise speed: 75 mph (122 km/h)Range: 225 miles (361 km)Endurance: 3 hours 0 minService ceiling: 10,000 ft (3,050 m)Rate of climb: 1100 ft/min (5.6 m/s)
Call for more information and questions:Steven Strasburg 703-887-1799We can arrange for shipping in a shipping container anywhere in the world or you can save the money and locally pickup from Midland, Virginia.
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