“2 1958 Comanches for sale, one intact without damage without logs N5810P, one damaged with logs.

Item specifics Seller Notes:
“2 1958 Model Comanches for sale, one intact without damage without logs N5810P, one damaged with logs N5087P, 5,500 hours, 1,000 hours on engine and prop unaffected by ground accident. One engine can be sold for core and place the the other engine placed on N5810P. Beautiful leather seats out of 87P, Inexpensive transportation that could make a nice airplane. It would not take a lot of work to get both airplanes flying. The wings on N5087P are damaged from the ground accident but could be repaired or replaced. Logs of 87P are available for review. 87P was clipped on the left wing by another plane and damaged the attached points forward and rear. Some repair has been performed. The left middle window was broken during disassembly and movement. 5810P was disassenbled for transport and is on the wings but not reassembled and both airplanes are in hangers.”

PA 24 180 Commanche x 2

Model Year:


Both airplanes are out of annual, 5810P, needs paint and and has some hanger rash on the elevators. A 5" area is taped on the elevator in area of paint peeling, interior is removed and the plane has not been rigged since disassembly, radios are old and have not run power to see if they are functioning. In my opinion 5810P could be rigged and flying with the least amount of work. I would need radios and paint.N5087P is a beautiful airplane with a good engine but needs a person who can finish the repairs, both wings were damaged in transport (ailerons and flaps) the rib at the rear bulkhead needs repair and I have not been able to find one, the front attach point is partially repaired and still needs a part which I have not been able to find. Personally, I think the best action is to take engine and prop from 5087P and place it on 5810P, salvage the interior and seats. It would be a great project for someone who can either make the 2 parts that I am struggling with or combine the best of these two airplanes and salvage what is left over. The elevator off N5087P is beautiful and would exchange the ones off 5810P.
Current date: 2014-10-27