2014 2014 Redbird LD Simulator Total Time: 469.05Exterior: 3 sided, aluminum enclosure inside a 12.

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Condition: Used Model Year: 2014
2014 Redbird LD Simulator
Total Time: 469.05Exterior: 3-sided, aluminum enclosure inside a 12-foot cargo trailer.Visual System: 200 degree, wrap around visuals with world-wide terrain database.Primary Flight Controls: Single yoke with Piper Warrior control system.Rudder Pedals: Standard rudder pedals with differential brakes.Throttle Quadrant: Same configuration as a Piper Warrior.Avionics Panel: Controls for flight instruments, GPS", radios, and autopilot as appropriate to a Piper Warrior.
Includes:Instructors Station With PC Capabilities to set weather, altitude, position, weight, etc.Cygnus Pro Wireless.LD Adjustable seats and Mounting Platform.12" Continental Cargo Trailer with Generator, electricity, and climate control (A/C and Heat).Trailer is easy to transport and a great advertising tool that we used for our flight school. We have brought it to events such as airshows in which it attracted students to start taking lessons with us. *Pictures may appear blurry due to lack of camera quality*
Current date: 2018-01-04