New Rotorway Displacement: 162 cu. in. 2015 Max Gross Weight: 1500 lbs : A600 Useful Load: 525 lbs.

Item specifics
Condition: New Make: Rotorway
Displacement: 162 cu. in. Model Year: 2015
Max Gross Weight: 1500 lbs Model: A600
Useful Load: 525 lbs For Sale By: Dealer
Cruise Speed: 95 mph Engine: RI600, 147hp normally aspirated, water-cooled
Rotor System: 2-blade, semi-rigid
The A600 kit has never been made available to the general public direct from the factory for this low of a price!
RotorWay and its owners have prided themselves on close to half a
century of craftsmanship and quality; RotorWay is the oldest and largest
helicopter kit manufacturer in the world. Today, the RotorWay is flown
worldwide, in over 60 countries, by amateur and professional pilots alike.
The A600 is manufactured In the USA and its components are held to the
highest standard. The RotorWay facility is located in Chandler, Arizona, where
it has been since its inception in 1967. Owners can be confident that their
complete kit, from the frame to the drive system, engine and gearboxes, have
been inspected and approved by the RotorWay factory. it is this reassurance
that makes purchasing the A600 the easiest decision an owner will ever make.
Attainability. Owning an A600
doesn’t have to be a dream, it can
become a reality. RotorWay remains
dedicated to offering the world’s
premier kit helicopter at the lowest
initial purchase price of any kit in its
Affordability. All of the A600
parts are manufactured “in-house”
allowing RotorWay to pass on the
cost savings to its owners and pilots.
Additionally, the A600 is designed to
run on premium auto fuel, giving it one
of the lowest operating costs on the
This eBay seller is hired directly through Rotorway Helicopter Manufacturing Company.
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All shipping and freight charges will be arranged by Rotorway and paid for by the buyer once the kit has been manufactured and ready for delivery.
Current date: 2014-12-02