My brother and I took this aircraft in on a trade. At first I was skeptical, but as we have flown it.

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Condition: Used
My brother and I took this aircraft in on a trade. At first I was skeptical, but as we have flown it (getting close to 10 hours now), it has grown on us. We honestly would not be looking to sell it except that we need the money - I have college students and my brother is intending to go back to college. Therefore, the aircraft is reluctantly available.
Now, the aircraft. It is a RANS S6-ES with the 116 wing, and has 890 hours on it. It is equipped with the CAM 100 engine package, and has about 450 hours on the engine - which the manufacturer gives a whopping 2500 hour TBO (Google CAM 100 or see for details). This aircraft was built in 1992, and was an early example of the type. Both the aircraft kit and the engine are still current, in production, and available - as are technical support and spare parts. This particular aircraft was featured in August of "93"s "Experimenter" Magazine, and this is how I know that the color scheme is "Watermelon." It was built by a watermelon farmer and used to commute and patrol fields.
This aircraft is well equipped. The instrument panel features standard instruments and a turn gyro, as well as a Lowrance Airmap 2000C GPS. It has a King KT97A Flip/Flop Com and a King KT76A Mode C Transponder (real aircraft radios). It has electric flaps with presets and electric trim on the stick. The stick also has PTT and flip flop switches. I could spend forever describing all the details, so I am going to switch to bullet lists.
Features and Options:
CAM 100 engine (450 TTSN, 2500 hr TBO)Warp Drive Ground adjustable 3 blade propellor.
"116" wing from RANS. (One of two wing options. See RANS web site for details.)
King KT97A Flip/Flop Radio, PTT and Flip/Flop switches on the stickKing KT76A Mode C transponder. (Note - I can"t find the last Transponder check in the logs.)Folding wings. Built into design, A previous owner has riveted fairings on both the wings and fuselage, so I have not attempted to test this feature, but I can confirm that the hinges and pins are present, so if you want them, you can easily have them.Fuel. 15 gallon tank in fuselage. Also 5 gallon tanks in each wing, but these are not hooked up. Unknown why they are not hooked up, so they may have leaks.Land anywhere balloon tires - factory option from RANS."Bubble" Windows. Curved to give more room in the cockpit and better downwards visibility.Electric Flaps with presets.Electric Trim with on-stick switches for up and down.Aileron Aerodynamic balances (Option from RANS) - decreases control forces.
Extended height pilot seating. This was apparently and aftermarket extension of the seat rail. The guy we got it from was 6" 6", and could comfortably fly the aircraft.HeadlightNav LightsStrobe LightsOn Ground Cooling Fan (needed only for extended ground runs)Auxiliary Fuel Pump (on for takeoff, landing)Auxiliary Engine Computer (part of CAM 100 package, on for takeoff, landing)Empty weight - 768 lbs.
Performance - my impressions:Takeoff is very, very quick. I have never tried to see how quick I can get it off the ground, but last night at near gross weight, I was off the ground in around 300 feet - and the outside air temp was about 90 degrees, too.The engine is rated at 5800 rpm takeoff for 100 hp takeoff (5 minutes) and the 5300 cruise. The ground adjustable prop is set up more as a cruise prop, and the RPM will only reach 4950 on takeoff. It still performs as above, so I don"t see decreasing the pitch any more - but if you really want a short field machine, the rated 200 foot takeoff is VERY realistic. In my opinion, if you want to stop in 200 feet, you will need to upgrade the brakes.At 4800 RPM, this will cruise at 80-90 mph indicated, depending on load.Touchdown is best accomplished with a little power, and I"ve got it down as low as 35 MPH indicated.
I watched this airplane take off and climb out effortlessly with a 275 pounder in one seat and a 300 pounder in the other. This was with the prop set as it is now.At around 4500 rpm, this appears to burn about 4 gph. At higher settings, 5 gph is probably more accurate. Rated for 91 octane fuel, but I (and the guy I got it from) have only burned 100LL.Condition and Notes: My Impressions
The biggest concern I have is the fabric. The wings are about a 7 of 10. The fuselage is around a 3 of 10. You can probably fly it for a few more years on the fabric, but you will want to recover it before too long. Covering is much simpler than most aircraft, with pre-made lace on covers. An entire set can be ordered from RANS to whatever color scheme (even watermelon) you like for around 4 grand.Several of the inspection zippers have been sewn shut with fishing line. It can be clipped for inspections. I have been told that this is normal for this type of aircraft.The paint on the cowl is less than wonderful.
The VSI is clearly out in the photo. I have a different VSI that I will put on the plane or give to the purchaser - your choice.The belt appears to be in excellent shape, but I have a brand new belt ($475?) that comes with the plane. I would probably change it out fairly soon, just because I like safety.The prop spins backwards compared to standard. The first few takeoffs will feel weird, but then it will feel completely normal. You just give it left rudder instead of right rudder.This airplane likes you to use your rudder pedals to maintain coordination. It is very easy to hold a consistent altitude.What is included in the sale:
The aircraft - AS-IS WHERE-IS in the condition described above.
I am an A&P IA, and will provide a free fresh condition inspection on purchase.A custom collapsible tow bar, spare main belt, and spare alternator beltLog books (believed complete since new), a parts catalog, and a build manual.A_OW documentation Bill of sale provided. (you must fill out the registration)
A free flight instructor familiarization checkout for up to 2 hours (me again) and a logbook sign off for insurance purposes. If you are not current and I feel that you are competent, I will also sign off a biannual flight review at this time - but only if I feel that you are a competent pilot. No promises on a flight review, ever.Disclaimer:
This aircraft is located at KMDH in Murphysboro, IL. It is an amateur built experimental aircraft. I am not nor do I know the builder. There are no warranties either express or implied. All flight is dangerous, and experimental aviation is considered more dangerous. This aircraft is for sale on other Barn and Craigy sites as well as this one, and may be sold at any time. This may include the cancelling of all bids placed on this site.
Terms:Your bid is a legal contract. Consider terms before making bid.
Deposit/Down Payment/Earnest money payment of $500 due within 48 hours via cash in person or paypal. This is refundable if you come to the aircraft and it is not as advertised. This will also hold the aircraft for up to 2 weeks while we make mutually satisfactory arrangements.
No reason other than "aircraft not as advertised" will be grounds for a deposit refund.The remaining funds are due via cash, legal money order, cashiers check, or money transfer (preferred) within two weeks (or as mutually agreed before entering into contract).Under no circumstances will this plane be yours until your payment has been verified. If you are a scammer, you can forget it - I wasn"t born yesterday or even last week. I know all of your tricks.I know lots of young pilots who love to fly. I MAY be able to arrange deliver via a 3rd party if you pre-pay, pay expenses including return airfare, and understand that this probably means you will not get the flight instructor"s checkout.
Current date: 2017-07-10