“Has no defects.After a cap repair” Aero Vodochody 1975 DescriptionThe plane L 39D.

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“Has no defects.After a cap repair”
Make: Aero Vodochody Model Year: 1975
The plane L-39D (demilitarized).
Serial number 530530.
Aircraft 07/31/75 Date of issue of
Established assigned resource 4500 hours.
Extensive repairs carried out on the SE "Chuguev Aircraft Repair Plant", Ukraine,date of repair 11.03.2013g.
Established TBO 1150 hours in over 12 years.
Plaque with the start of operation (SNE) 3342 hours and 40 minutes.
Plaque after the last repair (PPR) 37 min.
Engine aircraft the Ivchenko AI-25.
The serial number is 9052522300175.
The release date 05.06.1983 engine.
Established assigned resource 4000 hours.
Extensive repairs carried out on the SE "Odessa aircraft plant", Ukraine,date of repair 15.03.2008y.
Established TBO 750 hours over 6 years.
Hours since the beginning of operation of 580 hours. 59 min.
Hours after the last repair 2hours. 14 min.
Brand: Aero VodochodyCountry of origin: Czech RepublicEngine type: TurbochargedDimensions: 12.13 mAviation fuel: KerosenePayload: 1,000 kgSeating capacity: 2 persons.Cruising speed: 750 km / hTake-off weight: 4300 kg
Current date: 2016-08-25