Local pickup onlyBeing listed as NOT AIRWORTHY.No registration no airworthiness certAircraft.

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Condition: Used
Local pickup only
Being listed as NOT AIRWORTHY.
No registration no airworthiness cert
Aircraft history:
The BD first flew in 2001 with a Hirth 2706 efi engine and the .020 wing skins. The wing had an undesirable stall and the Hirth a high frequency vibration that we could not fix. Re-skinned the wings with the BMT .032 skins and installed a RotaMax 65 HP 650 cc liquid cooled Wankel engine in it. The motor runs fine but a Wankel is very loud and has very high exhaust temp . The RotaMax is a single rotor with a torque band that comes on at low rpm. Installed 2 CDI"s and 2 spark coils with a coil splitter to a single plug for dual ignition. Last mod"s were glass panel and AOA. The original weight was 410 lb and is now 485.
Stall 60 mph flaps full
Stall clean 68 mph
Cruse 160 mph
Climb 90 mph 900 ft/min
About $2500 in spare parts, rotor, cdi"s, starter, alternator, seals,bearings, coils.
total time 40 hrs
engine 20 hrs
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Current date: 2018-07-15