New Do to many inquiries about this kit airplane we revised all of our photos and description.

Item specifics
Condition: New
Do to many inquiries about this kit airplane we revised all of our photos and description, please understand that we are not the manufacturer, we were not a Kit Builder, we do not have the time or ability to take individual photos and inventory of every piece.
The Builder who initially purchase this kit new from the factory has passed away, we are selling this kit for the family, there is documentation to prove this airplane is a BD5B, non-streched version with Factory jig drilled and assembled long wings!
First kit components were purchased in 1973, various kit components followed over a two-year span, during that time the Builder chose many upgrades such as Factory jig Drilling and assembly of the Wings! This is the later long wing version of the BD5B.
The Builder was planning on installing the Honda turbo charged Civic engine, there is documentation to show his intent, however the kit does NOT include any engine, driveshaft, belts, prop or hub.
Kit does NOT include radios, seat, interior Plastics or navigation equipment, only 2 new instruments are included a tachometer and airspeed indicator.All the Kit components were placed in dry storage since 1976, there is NO evidence of corrosion exfoliation or rust.
Aircraft kit is currently stored in a heated Warehouse, covered and enclosed in boxes and pallets, we will charge accordingly if you wish us to box, pack and pallitize this kit for shipment, we recommend you rent a 18 foot box van and pick up the aircraft kit in person at our facility in Lewis County Washington 98532.
There is a large accumulation of dust as you will see in the photos, mostly on the exposed sides of the hull and tail parts, the wings were wrapped in visqueen and are perfectly clean, it was stored high up in a mezzanine so there is no evidence of damage.
The paperwork includes Factory drawings, Parts lists, flight manuals, and a treasure trove of Publications related to the BD5B series during that time, the Builder also kept meticulous receipts for every purchase and Records for every component completed during his build.
Builder logs indicate he constructed the aircraft hull, we consider the workmanship above-average.
The landing gear components are all new including the nose and Main Wheels brakes, struts, tires and more, the cockpit canopy is new in the box and in perfect condition, all of the cockpit controls including the instrument panel housing are new in the box, all aircraft Hardware is AN series new in Factory packages all rod ends are of high-grade ball-bearing military-type new in packages.
Kit includes boxes of new rivets and Cleco fasteners along with a large assortment of electrical components purchased for the aircraft from the BD company.
We feel this kit would make a great start for someone looking to build the newer BD5 micro jet as this kit has the long-wing upgrade, plus the workmanship, paperwork and attention to detail will allow the new Builder to step right in and continue building this fine little airplane without the need to rework previously constructed components.
We will do our best to answer your questions two message for additional information, we will consider any reasonable offers with the understanding that packing crating and shipping are the buyer"s responsibility unless other arrangements are made prior to purchase on .
Current date: 2018-04-30