“Missing Engine Missing Windshield Missing Fueltank INOPERABLE” Bell 1974 Bell OH 58A Helicopter.

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“Missing Engine Missing Windshield Missing Fueltank INOPERABLE”
Make: Bell Model Year: 1974
Bell OH-58A Helicopter
This helicopter was on static display on a yacht (freshwater) for years. Some 20 years ago, and the Coast Guard made them remove the engine and fuel tank ( do not have )
Both windshields are broken and covered with aluminium. The turbine exhaust stacks were closed up so water didn"t get inside the engine compartment and a fake exhaust was molded in coming out the rear of the housing.
This will fit on a single place car trailer and can be easily shipped using uship
This would be a great display item for your business.
Great project or display
**Sold on a Bill of Sale**
Pictures were taken 8/31/16
Current date: 2016-08-31