“Project, should be rebuilt” 2001 Baby Belle Canadian Home Rotors Baby Belle ProjectCompleted 2002.

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“Project, should be rebuilt”
Model Year: 2001 Make: Baby Belle Canadian Home Rotors
Baby Belle Project
Completed 2002 appears to have only 36TTSN!
Composite blades stored in boxes built into the included custom trailer.
Lycoming O-360 good compression 180HP
I was going to tear it down media blast everything then paint or powder coat the frame but I ran out of time.
This sat for over 6 years in a dry outdoor environment. Rubber parts need replacing.
The bubble is going to need polishing.
A new bracket needs to be made & welded on the tail boom to replace a rusty tail rotor gearbox mount.
It is rare to find a good project Baby Belle. Only a couple sheet metal covers missing otherwise complete.The tail rotor, tail rotor gearbox, fuel tanks, and oil cooler are already crated up.
All bidders with less then 10 feedback must contact me before placing bids!If you bid you must be prepared to have funds to buy it. This auctions constitutes a contract and will enforced as such.Baby Belles are the cheapest to operate of all of the experimental helicopter kits available.These kits new cost of $145K
Current date: 2018-10-05