Bellanca 1980 You can own a piece of history with this rare aircraft. It flies as fast as a Bonanza.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Bellanca
Model Year: 1980

You can own a piece of history with this rare aircraft. It flies as fast as a Bonanza but on less fuel and only on 250-horse power.


The Bellanca T-250 Aries is a single engine light aircraft built in the United States beginning in the early 1970s, but which achieved only very limited production. Designed by Marvin Greenwood while Anderson-Greenwood owned the Bellanca name, it is a conventional low-wing monoplane with retractable tricycle landing gear and a high T-tail. The interior could be configured with either four or five seats. Only four were ever built and we know of just two that are still operating one in Northern California and the other in San Diego County.

This very rare and nicely equipped aircraft, 1980 Bellanca Model 51 Aries T-250 S/N 0004-80 (N77CT) is configured with a five-place interior. The aircraft features a burgundy and silver exterior with yellow stripes, and a gray leather interior. This nice looking, well equipped, low-time aircraft comes with a 3-axis autopilot. I have flown this aircraft back and forth between San Diego, California and Omaha, Nebraska several times with NO issues.

A fresh Annual Inspection and IFR certification are currently being completed for November 2014. Logbooks are provided from 1982 to the present for the airframe, and from the propeller’s 1991 installation date to the present. The original engine was damaged several years ago. The previous owner repaired the engine using components he obtained. The details of those repairs are not noted in the log book. Therefore, there are no data regarding engine total time. The engine log documents only the results of the 2013 inspection conducted by a certified A&P mechanic who determined the engine to be airworthy. Engine total time and time since overhaul are unknown. Cylinders 2, 4 and 6 were removed and counterweights, cam and lifters were inspected, connecting rod bolts and piston pins for AD compliance and wear. Accessory case was removed for oil pump inspection and crankshaft bolts for AD compliance. Little wear was noted on oil pump.

In May 2014, the wiring was updated; new tires and tubes installed and the radios and navigation systems were re-inspected for serviceability. All of the oxidation was removed from the aircraft interior and a clear coat applied using Perma-gard, which completely restored the exterior. The cylinders were inspected in July for wear and checked out okay.

The aircraft is located at Montgomery Field, San Diego California.


Airframe: 2792 hours total time

Engine: Lycoming O-540-A4D5, S/N L22023-40A, Unknown TTSN and TSMOH.

Compression: 70/80, 71/80, 78/80, 72/80, 77/80, 77/80

Propeller: Hartzell HC-E2YR-1BF, S/N DK1636, Blade S/Ns D44867 and D44839,

95 hours SMOH.

Avionics: Collins AMR-350 audio panel, II Morrow Apollo 350 loran receiver, Collins VHF-251 Com (2), Collins VIR-351 Nav (2), Collins ANS-351 RNAV, Collins ADF-650A ADF, 3M WX-9 storm scope, Electronics International temperature monitor, Electronics International battery monitor, Hoskins CFS1001A fuel flow monitor, Century IV auto pilot.

Sale Information

This aircraft will be sold and delivered As-Is-Where Is.

Please arrange for an inspection opportunity so you can make your own judgment. You may contact John Carter at 619-994-0792 to ask any questions. Payment must be cashier check, money order or of course, cash.

Bellanca T250 Aries Performance Data


250 hp

Fuel Capacity:

76 gal

288 L


1,170 nm

2,167 km

1,346 mi


186 kts

344 kmh

214 mph


56 kts

104 kmh

64 mph


1,240 ft/min

6.3 m/sec


18,000 ft

5,486 m

Gross Weight:

3,150 lbs

1,429 kg

Empty Weight:

1,888 lbs

856 kg

Useful Load:

1,262 lbs

572 kg


31.33 ft

9.55 m


26.17 ft

7.98 m


8.58 ft

2.62 m

Current date: 2014-12-02