“One of the last 45 185's built, this well equipped Bush Plane has it all. Avionics, Auto pilot.

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“One of the last 45 185's built, this well equipped Bush Plane has it all. Avionics, Auto-pilot, STOL, VGs, great paint and modern classy interior at a price that will allow for that new motor we all really want. Folks, the Vref book doesn't lie. Somebody must be. This is priced to sell.”
Model Year: 1983 Make: Cessna
1983 Cessna 185F Model Backcountry/Crosscountry Limo! N714MX One of the last ever built, N714MX is beautiful and loaded. From the elegant interior to dual Garmin 400 series GPS with XM and Nexrad WX, Stec Autopilot, Gami Injectors, Horton STOL, Vortex Generators, Snider Speed Kit and a modern 24-volt system, this ship will take you to Alaska or Montauk with presence and speed. 140 kts on 11-12 GPH gets you there quickly, with modern capable navigation. A full function Autopilot takes the load off allowing real world IFR en route to your fishing hole or cabin. Ample room and decent speed will let you carry friends with baggage to weekend destinations in style. Everyone loves this plane on the ramp and you’ll love it more in the air. Circumstances force the owner to release his cherished ship to the market. You will benefit from his years of involved, passionate ownership and care. Very well priced to allow for engine and prop at your convenience, it’s in annual and ready to fly away. Priced at $137,500 and we will consider trades. Land on sand, tarmac or even water with floats added! For the owner: David Old ATP/MEI, Seaplane, Rotor and Balloon. (505) 470-3616 here david@exportaviation.us Ship at KSAF, Santa Fe NM.
Now, the real specs! N714MX 1983 Cessna A185FSerial # 18504404, 45th from end of production out of 4,400 producedTotal Time Airframe: 9,326.3 hrsEngine – IO520D, TSMOH 1592.0, hrs Top End TSOH 786.6 hrs Compression 11-2-2016: 1. 70/80, 2. 62/80, 3. 67/80. 4. 75/80, 5. 67/80, 6. 68/80Propeller – Hartzell three blade Model HC-C3YF- 1RF: 1410.3 hrs SMOHAll equipment and systems are operative, 8-10-1017Modifications: Airframe: 800x6 tires and wheel pantsSnider speed kit with horizontal stabilizer gap sealsHorton aileron and flap gap seals Strut fairingsDroop wingtipsStall fencesMaple leaf exhaust fairingStainless door pins, both sidesMicro Aerodynamics vortex generatorsAlphin cooling louversSoros vent tubes BAS Shoulder Harnesses, front seatsBAS tailcone pull handles24v – external power plugRemoved drag-inducing tail light replaced with top fairingEngine: GAMI injectorsJPI EDM700 engine analyzerTanis heaterBrackett air filterF&M Enterprises oil filter adapterM20 air/oil separatorLightweight starter, lightweight alternatorDatcon Hobbs meterOil quick drainAvionics: STec 50 2-axis auto pilot slaved to Garmin VOR/glideslope and GNS430 GPS 2 Dave Clark H10-13X noise-cancelling headsets integral and powered by DC X-P plugs ARTEX ELT Garmin GNS 430 Garmin GPS Map 496 integral with XM-antennae for NEXRAD weather and GNS430 for XM Radio PS Engineering PMA 8000 audio panel Dual VOR-glideslope King KX 155A TSO dual Nav Com Other Equipment: 2 jump seats with BAS seatbelts and hardware McFarlane seat rails and Aerostop seat stops Cargo nets (3) and hardware to separate front seats from rear seating/cargo, rear seating/cargo from extended baggage and securing loads in the rear seating/cargo area New 24v battery 8-2017 Stainless quick release door hinge pins, both doors All logs are available.Damage includes a gear issue 30 years ago landing on ice and a ‘ground loop’ by the current owner due to ship being out of rig. It is of course now properly rigged. Blue Book Damage estimate is – 5-6% for these incidents which have been well repaired. $6875 deduct for damage: see below.Vref valuation guidance frequently advises: "Condition is all important". N714MX is in Fantastic Condition, well cared for, flown often, loaded with every option and despite it"s high time, engine time and some damage is in fact a "MINT AIRCRAFT". It"s that nice.
Vref Dealer Book evaluation: Saturday, August 12, 2017
Prepared By: DJO Vref Copyright 2017
Prepared For: DG Owner 1983 CESSNA A185F REGISTRATION#: N714MX SERIAL#: 18504404 AIRFRAME TOTAL TIME (AFTT): 9326.3 SINCE MAJOR OVERHAUL(SMOH) SMOH - ENGINE#1: 1592 ADD-ONS/MODS $RETAIL $WHOLESALE New paint 6,000 4,200 New int 6,000 4,200 System 55 5,748 4,024 Float kit 4,800 3,360 RSTOL 4,000 2,800 Wx data link 3,800 2,660 GNS430 2,037 1,426 GPS 400W 970 679 Damage History -7,500 -6,750
Saturday, August 12, 2017
Prepared By: DJO Vref Copyright 2017
Prepared For: DG Owner SUMMARY VALUE ITEM $RETAIL $WHOLESALE BASIC PRICE 161,000 137,977 ADDS/DEDUCTS 25,855 16,599 AIRFRAME -24,712 -24,712 ENGINE(S) -13,356 -13,356 CONDITION 7,953 5,567 TOTAL: $156,741 $122,075
Saturday, August 12, 2017
Prepared By: DJO Vref Copyright 2017
Prepared For: DG Owner COMMENTS N714MX has high airframe time and has some damage history however overall the aircraft is in exceptionally good condition. It LOOKS great. The interior is exceptional and the S-tec AP is a real plus along with XM weather and a CD/Phone jack intercom system. The interior is exceptionally nice in a rugged but handsome fabric. Glass is good, paint is not new but is very nice. Exhaust stacks, STOL, VG"s, Speed Kit and a lot of extras particular to the 185 are present. RETAIL PERCENT CHANGE Change Last Quarter:
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$98,950 BASE PRICE INCLUDES Dual digital navcoms, 750 SMOH on IO-470/850 SMOH on IO-520, LR Fuel, 7 P&I, NDH, ADF. PERFORMANCE & SPECS Config Sgl, pst, tlwhl Mx sts 6 Mx T.O. wt 3350 lbs Cruise 147 kts Range 645 nm T.O. run 825 ft T.O. run (50ft) 1510 ft Lndng roll 610 ft Wing span 35ft 10in Length 25ft 8in Height 7ft 9in MARKET DATA & RECENT ADS 1,648 are on the Registry. 4,448 were built. ADs = 07-04-19 cylinders; 08-26-10 alt static; 09-19-07 cyl. head; 10-11-04 lifters; 11-10-09 seat rails; 16-16-12 cyl head. Demand Rating: B
Saturday, August 12, 2017
Prepared By: DJO Vref Copyright 2017
Prepared For: DG Owner ENGINE Cont 285-300hp TBO 1700/1900 IO-520-D Average Overhaul $31,000 Factory Reman $36,534 IMPORTANT NOTE
Prices depicted in Vref are averages based on the marketplace from the previous quarter. These average prices may not represent a specific serial number. Each serial number is unique. Prices can vary widely due to time, condition, maintenance history and equipment.
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