New CGS Hawk 2016 This project was given to a member of EAA Chapter 723, who donated it to the.

Item specifics
Condition: New Make: CGS Hawk
Model Year: 2016
This project was given to a member of EAA Chapter 723, who donated it to the chapter. We are selling the project to raise scholarship funds. The plane was started by CGS at the CGS facility in Iowa, under contract with a man with one hand, with the understanding that the owner of CGS would work with the buyer to design/incorporate the changes to the basic design so he could fly the plane one handed. The CGS Company was sold but the owner kept the plane and moved completion of the project to a company in Florida that had been one of his dealers. The airframe structure was completed, covered, painted, landing gear installed, and the Jabiru engine hung. The buyer passed away before the plane was completed, and the project was delivered to California. This is the two seat version that is LSA compliant. The engine was sold separately and is not part of this auction. To buy this from the manufacturer in this condition would be over $20,000 and the original owner had well over this into it. It can be completed as S-SLA or E-SLA depending on how you want to finish and register it. Someone is going to get a great deal here on a fantastic plane. In the photos, the wheels shown on the tarmac are not the correct wheels and tires; the correct items are shown in a separate photo. The project is auctioned as-is, where-is in Camarillo CA. There is no shipping available due to its size unless buyer makes all arrangements for pick up and delivery.
Current date: 2016-10-10