“1961 Cessna 172C Fast back lots of new parts. Very detailed annual inspection just completed.”.

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“1961 Cessna 172C Fast back lots of new parts. Very detailed annual inspection just completed.”
Make: Cessna Model Year: 1961
Cessna 172C Fast Back four place IFR equipped. This 172 just finished up a very intense annual inspection with lots of new or overhauled parts.This fast back has the smooth running TCM O-300 six cylinder engine. With full 40 degree flaps (10/20/30 and 40) makes it a short field dream and will still indicate 105-110 Knots in level flight (125 MPH) as tested during recent flights with half tank and three guys (240/265/180lbs). When I received this project we cleaned, primed and painted lots of the small parts. We took the extra time to remove, "Zinc" the fuel tanks and spray Corrosion X in the wings, tail and every other place we could get to.
1000 Total time engine with Top overhaul. All the cylinders where overhauled and when off the lower end (lifters, crank and cam) where visually inspected and found well within limits.Carburetor overhaul, New Air boss magnetos, new spark plugs, new harness, new exhaust, new SCAT tubes, and new regulator. CHT gauge and digital EGT gauge.
Airframe:New flap cables, new headliner,new tires, new tubes, new panel mounts, new brake pads, new brake discs, new strut seals, new shimmy seals, new wheel bearings/races, new ELT battery, new pulleys, new tail strobe and many many more new parts (I think you get the idea). The interior / seats are newer, with new style control yoke and brake panels.
Avionics:Overhauled TKM MX300 Nav.Com, Overhauled KM MX11 Com, Narco Nav, ARC ADF, Markers, Narco AT50A, new encoder, heated pitot, and intercomCurrent IFR certification (91.411/91.413), LED nav lights, Tail (red) and belly (white) strobes.
The exterior of the plane is a 6/7 out of 10. This plane is a 1961 with its share of dings / dents and fixes I would welcome inspection.Email questions before bidding good luck!
Current date: 2014-11-12