New Christavia MK 1 For auction sale Christavia MK 1 project. Project was started in mid to late 90.

Item specifics
Condition: New Make: Christavia MK 1
For auction/sale Christavia MK 1 project. Project was started in mid to late 90"s. I bought it and started work in Jan. of 2011. I am selling due to medical reasons. All major fabrication is complete. The majority of the systems are complete. Fuselage cleaned and primed. Baggage compartment. Seats and seatbelts. Control sticks and rudder pedals. Rudder and elevator cables. Aileron cables in the cabin. Throttle, carb heat, mixture, elevator trim, and cabin heat controls. Fuel system complete 18 gallon fiberglass header tank,(tank pressure tested.) Electrical system and avionics. (wiring in wings to be wrapped up.) Brakes.(rebuilt but not tested). Firewall forward, including all wiring, fuel, primer, oil lines, baffles, engine, prop, and spinner, cowls and boot cowl. Windows, windshield and door. Rebuilt Scott 3200 tailwheel on new spring. New tires and tubes. Packed wheel bearings. Included in sale but not necessarily pictured. All instruments shown. MGL V6 comm. With front and rear headset jacks, PTT both sticks. Sandia STX165 mode C transponder with OAT option. I Fly 720 GPS. 121.5 ELT. Rite Angle AOA indicator. Wing tip led position and strobe lights. New Battery. Wing stuts. Jury struts. Tail brace wires. Set of building plans. Build log. Engine log. Build pics. All other pertinent paperwork. And anything else I can find that goes with this bird. The engine is a Lycoming O235-C1 Experimental. 0 SMOH. Rebuild, assembled and dyno tested at. Unlimited Aero Engines, Fitchburg, Ma.It ran good on the dyno and is now pickled. I have a letter from Ron Mason (the designer). Stating this engine is fine for use in this aircraft if the fuselage is lengthened by 6 inches in the bays aft of the baggage compartment. I have confirmed this is done. So no problems using this engine.To complete the project. Wings need to be hung. Finish aileron cables in wings. (pulleys are installed). Run wiring in wings for the strobes and AOA indicator vane. Install pitot tube. Wing root fairings need to be fabricated (flat sheet alum.) Fuel flow test. Fill and test brakes. Check torque on everything. Safety wire on turnbuckles. Thats about it to be ready for fabric. I was planning on using Oratex fabric, but I am sure any system will work fine. The aircraft was never registered so you will be the manufacturer and get the repairman certificate. Bidder is responsible for all shipping, logistics and costs. I will package up smaller items for shipping. I reserve the right to end the auction early if necessary. A $500 deposit via Paypal is due withing 48 hours. We can connect via phone or email to finalize shipping or pickup. I will try my best to answer any questions. Viewing is by appointment, contact me via email to make the arrangements.Thanks in advance and good luck.
Current date: 2017-05-05