“needs nothing” Drifter MU582 2012 up for bid is a super nice 2012 Drifter two seater 78 hours on.

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“needs nothing”
Make: Drifter MU582 Model Year: 2012
up for bid is a super nice 2012 Drifter two seater 78 hours on airframe and Rotax 503.the landing gear are solid stainless steel with Matco wheels and brakes,this plane is set up for float flying but has never been in the water,I am running a 503 because of the reliability of this engine over a 582.The wings are triple sleeved and set up for extra weight of the floats this would make a nice plane if you live on a lake or river.the tail section has been beefed up and has a 6' tail wheel which makes it nice to turn on the ground.I have taken up two 220lbs men and gas with no problem these planes are weight lifters in my opinion the Drifters are the best built on the market and the most forgiving when flying,i have a C box with a 60' Ivo prop,this is the fourth Drifter i have built in the last 25 years.This plane has always been hangared and has never set outside.The plane does have a 12volt system so you can run whatever you would like in the cockpit, strobe or radios,gps,etc.If you win the bid you will have to pick up in Ft McCoy Fl 32134 LOCAL PICKUP ONLY!! if you need to call me feel free 352-322-1835
Current date: 2014-12-05