Piel Emeraude Emeraude CP 328a ProjectWing:Fully built wing. Very close to ready to cover. Controls.

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Condition: Used Make: Piel Emeraude
Emeraude CP-328a Project
Wing:Fully built wing. Very close to ready to cover. Controls and all weldments installed. Flaps are currently connected, but I removed the ailerons. Landing gear installed but just the upper legs are in the wing. The lower sprung gear legs with axles are in a box. Wheels, Tires and Tubes included. Also Cleveland brakes. Brake cylinders look old, but I am not an expert on that.
Empenage:Rudder is complete, but just the aft moving portion. Vertical fin will be built with Fuselage. Rudder is the smaller swept back version. I believe this is the 328a mod. Elevator, Stab and trim tabs complete.
Fuselage:Not started but I have most if not all the wood to build the fuselage in raw stock form. Also a bunch of mahogany sheeting. However adding this to the shipping will bump the weight way up there so it may make sense to not send the wood. If you pick up and have the room than its worth taking.
Misc:2 sets of plans. One is a working version, but both are a bit faded but not too bad.
Split cowling (upper & lower). I have this but its a bit rough. Never used so no cutouts in it, but could use some filler to clean up some of the older gelcoat voids.
Partially finished rudder pedal weldment.
Conical mount for an 0-320 I believe. This is just the front portion and would be used with a welding jig to add the rear legs to mount to the firewall.
Wingtip lights, key assembly.
5 gallon bucket of hardware, nutplates and various bits.
There are other things I am leaving off, but need to look into everything again.
Issues:There is no hangar rash on the wing to my knowledge, but there are some parts of the skin where the material is not the standard Mahogony. Looks like it was after skinning the builder had to get into the area and removed a portion of skin to access something, did some work and then redid the skin with a lighter colored wood. Just a few spots like this.
The Flap control connection has a bolt head that rubs blocking the full flaps travel. Its just that the bolt head is on the wrong side. Once flipped it will work fine.
When the wing was coated with epoxy to preserve it, the builder put a coat of epoxy over the bolt heads that hold the gear legs in. Aparently this is a common error in the Emeraude build and the epoxy around the heads needs to be dremilled away to access them for any future accessing.
The Good:It is very well built. Many old woodworking EAA members in my chapter and a few others who have seen it say the guy did an excellent job. My dad is a woodworker by hobby and he was impressed with the workmanship.
Aside from buying a used Emeraude, this will be the fastest way to a new airplane and you can finish it how you like. I hear the wing alone takes 1500 hours to build.
Since the fuselage is not yet built you can build it for your height if your taller than average. There are a few mods out there for taller pilots and or more room for baggage.
I have some history on the build with pics. Owner passed away and a wood boat guy bought it with intent to finish it since he had experience restoring Mahogany Boats. He kept it for 10 years or so in his shop on a wing stand. Shop was heated so it was kept well. I found it when he was looking to sell it then when nobody bought it, he was going to destroy it. I paid him to keep it intact. What I am selling it for is what I paid, I just could not see it destroyed. I thought I could find the right person to build it one day and it has not been too big an issue where I have it as I rent a space at my local EAA hangar. I am willing to hold onto it in an attempt to pass it on to someone who can finish it.
Shipping:Project is located at KWHP EAA hangar. Wing is one piece and about 28" long. If shipping is desired best to pay a proper airplane hauler or pick it up with an appropriate vehicle and packing experience. I used Uship to have an aircraft relocated from OR to CA and it was very reasonable. I am willing to help pack it and lend a hand as needed, but not willing to build a full crate and send it on its way by myself. Buyer will need to lend a hand in getting it prepared to ship and or pass this onto the shipping / airplane hauler company.
Current date: 2018-03-28