2000 Comp Air 6 THIS MAYBE THE LAST AUCTION OFFERING This kit has tapered wings, reinforced.

Item specifics
Model Year: 2000 Make: Comp Air 6
THIS MAYBE THE LAST AUCTION OFFERING This kit has tapered wings, reinforced stabilizer for 300 HP, a Continental 520, and a new Hartzell propeller, Cleveland wheels, brakes and wheel pants, wing struts, windscreen, windows etc. The wings and fuselage were completed fast build with fuel units and necessary wiring installed. All the CA-6 components in the pixs are in the kit, photos was taken 11/31/17. As an experimental aircraft, build it to your specifications.
Type in your browser; Comp Air 6 and see the sticker shock for yourself. COMP AIR 6 $ 57,742 Wide Body 46" 3,061 Tapered Wing 3,209 Fast Build 3,514 Tricycle gear upgrade 3,473 3600 lb. gross 1,525 Fiberglass doors with handles hardware 919 Recessed gas fill with caps 305 Continental Eng. Mount 1,525 Wheel pants 697 Cleveland wheel and brakes upgrade 2,714 Total cost of the CA6 kit 2017/18 prices 78,684 Florida residents, 6% tax 4,721 GRAND TOTAL 83,405 NOTE: Not selling any components separate from this auction opportunity. Engine is a Continental TIO-530, 285hp. No logs and no apparent damage. The propeller is a new Hartzell. The auction includes the above engine and propeller. The kit breakup is worth much more than my listing price. Successful winner may continues to store free of charge for two months in my hangar upon full payment. Bill of Sale MERRY CHRISTMAS
Current date: 2017-12-22