“Someone found that there is a lean for $5,200 from the late 60's on this plane, the debt is.

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“Someone found that there is a lean for $5,200 from the late 60's on this plane, the debt is believed to be paid off. Either way it is pennies compared to the Value.The FAA changed the rules on the N Numbers saying if they are not kept active someone can steal your N Number, that did happen. But someone from the FAA said the FAA never did their due diligence and sent him a letter, letting him know he could loose his N number so it shouldn't be a problem getting it back.The plane hasn't flown for over 15 years but has been hangar-ed and prop turned, it should probably have the engine looked at and new fabric and tires before flying.There is a small square foot hangar rash on the right upper wing.”
COLLECTORS PLANE! Museums, Airports, History, Historical ValueYou or your successful friend can own the famous plane C17R “Staggerwing N15835 Serial 81
Historical Fact:The First time in history women had a chance to race the men (The Bendix: New York to Los Angeles)
Louise Thaden and Blanche Noyes flew 1938 C17R Staggerwing N15835 and WON!! THEY MADE HISTORY! Every Newspaper in the country! THE WOMEN BEAT THE MEN! Amelia Earhart got 5th in the Race!Walter Beech from Beechcraft pulled a plane off of the assembly line and prepared it for the race.
There are two story"s on the history of this plane!
Story 1: Walter Beech was busy preparing the airplane for the race and didn"t register the plane with the FAA until after the race (back in 1936 not everyone worried about registration and tags etc.) When confronted by the FAA Walter Beech made up a story and said, "O the race plane was previously sold to the Honduras government so we didn"t have to register it with the USA FAA their country has there own registration process, and we just made this plane identical as the show plane." Basically he just made up that story to get them off his back but he never really had two planes with the same N number.
Story 2: Some believe that the race plane was sold to the Honduras government right after the race and they took an identical plane and gave it the same Tail Number so it could be flow around as the show plane.
It is hard for me to believe story number two, would they really go through the trouble of painting an identical N Number, flying it over to LA, why wouldn"t they just sell another plane (which would have been closer to Texas where it supposedly went south). Many attempts to locate the race plane in Honduras were unsuccessful because the race plane probably never went to Honduras. Either way this plane is famous no matter what!!!
Check out the webpage about the airplaneoregonoutdoorsports.com/staggerwing/
This is a recent picture of the plane. Call to come see it.
In my opinion this plane should be sitting in the center of one of our biggest airports for everyone to see, to encourage children and women and for all to dream endless possibility encouraging flight! Or fixed up and brought to Air Shows for people to see!
Current date: 2017-08-09