Fisher 1991 Inspected Feb 2017 Last flown April 13, 2017Check out U Tube = Walk around my Fisher.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Fisher
Model Year: 1991
Inspected Feb 2017
Last flown April 13, 2017
Check out U-Tube = Walk around my Fisher Biplane FP 404 and flight of my biplane.
Fisher FP 404 Performance Specifications
Horsepower: 40 hp
Fuel Capacity: 7.5 gal
Range: 210 miles
Cruise: 55 to 60 mph
Top Speed: 75 mph
Stall: 30 mph
Climb: 800 ft/min
Ceiling: 10,000 ft
Takeoff Distance: 125 ft
Landing Distance: 200 ft
Fisher FP 404 Specifications
Gross Weight: 540 lbs
Empty Weight: 275 lbs
Wingspan: 18 ft 5.49 m
Length: 14.5 ft 4.42 m
Height: 5.42 ft 1.65 m
This is a Fisher FP-404 biplane, built in 1991, restored 3 years ago after long storage and now flown regularly. Mosler CB40 (half VW) engine, 40HP. 440 total time aircraft & engine, time will increase as aircraft is flown regularly. Current annual condition inspection completed February 2017. This is pure fun flying, easy to fly and affordable... burns only 2 gallons/hour, and simple maintenance. 55mph cruise, 30mph stall, LSA compliant (sport pilot / no medical required). Recommended for pilots weighing less than 210.
This aircraft is well built by an experienced builder, in very good condition. There is some BLEMISHES in the enamel paint topcoat, mostly on the fuselage, but the underlying UV layer and fabric are in good shape. No electrical system. Has a com radio antenna, but the handheld radio shown is not included. I have all paperwork, logbooks, builder"s notes, etc.
Local pickup only. Currently licensed so it can be flown away, or disassembled (1-2 hour, I will help disassemble and load it); will fit in a 17" trailer (22 ft is better) or uhaul truck. Located in Norwich NY, contact me to arrange to see the plane. I reserve the right to close the listing early if the plane sells locally.
Current date: 2017-05-19