1939 Consolidated For sale is my 1939 Consolidated (Canada) Fleet 10F. Restored in 1996 with approx.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1939
Make: Consolidated
For sale is my 1939 Consolidated (Canada) Fleet 10F. Restored in 1996 with approx 250hrs on airframe. Warner 145 overhauled with approx 225hrs since major. 50 "export" models of the Fleet were produced, this is the only Fleet 10 known to exist and the only one with a Warner engine (rather than a Kinner). Airplane was sold new to the Nicaraguan military and served there until around 1954/55. It has evidence of being equipped with a single .30cal machine gun and bomb racks under each lower wing! This airplane was found in Mexico in the 70s and brought to the US. After restoration, this aircraft was operated on floats. I believe this is the only Fleet to be certified for floats. The -10F is considered as the prototype for the Fleet 16B which was the primary trainer for the RCAF in WW2. I would be happy to answer questions from serious, interested parties but I ask you to please do some due diligence if you do not know what a Fleet is. Some call this a "3/4 Stearman" as it is quite a bit smaller. It has advantages over a Stearman being smaller and much easier to move around on the ground. Faster than a Stearman (around 90mph) on less fuel (burns around 10gph vs 15gph). All the fun for a fraction of the price AND solo is from the front seat. Less wind and better visibility. Please note! I am willing to keep the airplane at its present location until arrangements can be made to fly it to the buyer"s location but the buyer must pay $200/month hanger rent until the airplane leaves the airport. Airplane is advertised locally and elsewhere and could sell before auction ends.
Current date: 2018-02-02