1979 Thorp Beautiful Thorp T 18. s n 65, completed in 1979 and only flown 293 hours since Yes .that.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1979
Make: Thorp
Beautiful Thorp T-18. s/n 65, completed in 1979 and only flown 293 hours since!!! Yes....that"s total time in both airframe and engine. Annual condition inspection completed in November 2017. It has the bulletproof Lycoming 0-290 125hp. Great compressions and oil pressure. Sterba 68/70 prop. Empty weight of 922 lbs give you a useful load of almost 600 lbs. It has the state of the art AvMap Ultra EFIS/GPS, a FL-760 Comm with built in intercom. A Narco AT-150 transponder with Mode C. Push to talk switches in the sticks. Speed fairings and wheel pants installed and gorgeous NEW paint and interior!!! I"d pull the silly lightning bolt stripe (tape) and "slo-poke Gonzalez" sticker off and put tan and burgundy stripes to match the interior. The beauty of this plane is in its simplicity and excellent craftsmanship!! You will not find another plane this nice for less money!!!! Must sell. Too many planes in the hangar! I"m a friend of the owner but feel free to call me for more information. Todd. 337-298-5141.
Current date: 2018-04-07