“ needs a lot of work” 1955 Grumman Albatross HU16C. US Navy B N 142428. Wanted to restore this old.

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“Used/needs a lot of work”
1955 Grumman Albatross HU16C. US Navy B/N 142428. Wanted to restore this old beauty but the cost is outside my means. Aircraft will need rudders, ailerons, engines, eng mounts and many other items to get her flying. Some hyd parts included. Aircraft is located in Tucson,AZ. I am interested in leasing an Albatross, Mallard for 6 months to perform a bucket list trip to the Caribbean,South America, Central America, Yucatán trip. If you have one sitting around you want to lease please contact me (850) 291-0773. Being told it will cost me about 500k to get her flying and 35k to take wings off and transport to Florida. Will take full or partial trades for a single or really anything of equal value to the 15k I have in her. If you happen to have the money to restore her I will see the project thru in exchange for 6 months to fly her. I currently own a B58 and have 24000+ hrs of military,civilian and commercial flying. I would love to see this girl brought back to life.
Current date: 2018-04-15