Kolb Kolb Firestar Ultralight Aircraft with Rotax 503 Engine This Kolb Firestar ultralight is in.

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Condition: Used Make: Kolb
Kolb Firestar Ultralight Aircraft with Rotax 503 Engine This Kolb Firestar ultralight is in great condition! I last flew this on 11 Aug 2016. I plan on flying it whenever I can, up until the point it sells. Here"s a video I took during taxi on 11 Aug 2016:
here plane was built at the Kolb factory, back when it was located in Phoenixville, PA. The factory is still in business, down in London, KY, and Kolb offers wonderful support to all it"s aircraft owners (and enthusiasts!)Engine & Airframe have approx 200 hours on them.Aircraft was always hangared. Never outside, unless it was flying. Has never even felt rain or snow.Includes 5 gallon tank. Additional tank is integrate within the aircraft seat, with the option of connecting it to the installed fuel selector in the cockpit, for in-flight switching.Includes Differential Hydraulic Brakes.Includes Airspeed Indicator, Altimeter, Wet Compass, and more. (See picture for instrument panel.Includes extend antenna routed through airframe, out to wing, for better reception when using a handheld VHF radio.Includes chock block, rope to retrieve, and storage cubby under seat.Includes engine maintenance tools from Rotax. For Comparison, you can check out the prices of the new Firestar kits directly from Kolb here: www . kolbaircraft.com/firestarwishlist.htm Just the airframe kits alone run $14,036, not including engine, instruments, brakes, paint, build time, tools, etc. I also have the original build plans and blueprints that the original builder passed along with the plane.
No damage at all, and No N number as it was not registered as an experimental, but was flown as an FAA Part 103 ultralight. It is registered with the EAA as an experimental ultralight, tail number E059JM, but not marked on the plane itself ... yet.Includes Trailer with (1 7/8 inch ball coupler)Includes Tri-ball trailer hitch (fits 2" receivers) <or> 1-7/8" ball for your own hitch.Trailer has recent inspection (July 2016) and current NY Registration (non-transferrable, but this is to show it"s 100% road worthy).
Trailer can also be used as a flat-bed. Has multiple tie-down spots for cargo straps/chains/etc.
Trailer has new tires as of 2015. I drove it with the plane loaded from Philadelphia, PA, to Syracuse, NY, with no problems at all.
I installed new tires and inner-tubes on the aircraft in July, 2016.
Extra plugs and oil to be included with the aircraft.
Detailed and laminated setup and preflight/runup/before takeoff checklists included.
Will include a basic aviation headset with the aircraft.
DELIVERY: You can pick it up yourself, with any vehicle that has towing ability. I can also discuss the option of delivering it to you, after payment. I can arrange taking leave to drive it anywhere East of the Mississippi River. Delivery costs (nothing outrageous, basically just gas money) can be discussed during or after the auction, if you"d like it delivered. Here is a video of engine running here : As great as this plane flies, due to the nature of the ultralight industry, it is always recommended to have it checked out by a competent professional to verify airworthiness for yourself, before it is flown. You will be required to sign a release of liability on pickup of plane. I take no responsibility or liability for any incident after purchase. ... That being said, I love this plane! I just don"t have adequate space for it, and the hangar fees are ... not really feasible for me to afford. Thanks for looking and bidding. E-mail / message me for more info or any questions.
Admission: I am still absolutely in love with this plane, and with flying in general. I have 270 hours as a commercial pilot, with an instrument rating, and an Advanced Ground Instructor rating. I would love to keep this plane and fly the pants off it. I just don"t have the space for it (yes, even though it folds up.) Given my lack of storage space, I would like to trade this in, or use the money for a powered paraglider, on which I have about 20 hours, borrowing a friends. I would love to get one of my own, that way I can store it in the space I have, and fly a lot more regularly.Please help me give this airplane a good home, and help a vet stay in the air in a way I can.Thanks!John McCormick
Current date: 2016-08-26