Have for sale two rare Laron Aviation Wizard P 38 twin boomed twin tailed project aircraft. The.

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Condition: Used

Have for sale two rare Laron Aviation Wizard P-38 twin boomed/ twin tailed project aircraft. The first Wizard (white plane) is a 2001 built aircraft with a Rotax 582 2-cylinder 65HP engine w/B-box redrive and a 52 inch three blade ground adjustable Tennessee propeller. The cockpit contains necessary essentials for operation(fuse panel, switches, etc.) plus altitude indicator, compass, hour meter, intercom, pitch trim, engine monitoring system, and seating pads.

The second Wizard (red, brown, yellow, and white plane) aircraft is a complete airframe w/radiator, fuel tank but minus engine components, avionics and other essentials for operation. Both project aircraft will require recovering and other work to be flyable or use second aircraft for parts. Both aircraft were originally heavy ultralights before the change to LSA Light Sport Aircraft. Picture of white aircraft is what white Wizard will look like when completed.

Both project aircraft meet the LSA category requirements with performance data as follows:

Empty Weight - 494 lbs, Max Capacity Wt - 1100 lbs, VNE - 120 mph, Max Level Speed - 100 mph, Max Cont Cruise - 80 mph, Economy Cruise Speed - 75 mph, Stall Speed - 35 mph, Ceiling - 15,000 ft, Climb Rate - 1100 fpm, Range - 200 miles, Takeoff Roll - 100 ft, Landing Roll - 200 ft

Have logs, manuals, and all paperwork for aircraft. Sale also includes miscellaneous Streak Shadow parts and various lengths Teleflex cables.

Current date: 2014-11-26