New License fabrication UAV “DRAGON 50”, 5 x license We search a licensee for your own fabrication.

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License fabrication UAV “DRAGON-50”, 5 x license

We search a licensee for your own fabrication of the UAV VTOL RPAS “DRAGON-50”. The German company CAD+Modelltechnik Jung is exclusive grantor of license. The company CAD+Modelltechnik Jung is exclusive designer and developer of this VTOL RPAS.

Our UAV VTOL RPAS “DRAGON-50” is a multipurpose, single engine unmanned helicopter system below 150 kg maximum takeoff weight. That can be operated within or beyond visual line of sight.

It is designed to carry different payloads such as cameras, sensors or spraying equipment.

Due to the intermeshing rotor system a tail rotor is not required thus resulting in a higher empty weight/payload ratio compared to other helicopter systems.

Our DRAGON 50 therefore, is able to lift a remarkable payload of up to 50 kg.

Ready to fly in 15 minutes. Only a 2-person crew is needed.

Easy to be transported in the back of a SUV. Easy sensor integration.

For your own production you get all documentation regarding the manufacture of this helicopter. Scope of the documents are all drawings of mechanical components and assemblies (dxf and PDF files). In addition, all step data of the mechanical parts. In addition, parts list with information provided by the suppliers, etc.

Scope of the documents: more than 100 drawings and Step-files of every the individual parts, more than 30 drawings of the assemblies, parts lists etc.

When required we can help with the choise of the suppliers for manufacturing the individual parts.

The license encompasses 5 licenses. Included in the Price, are required for the operation of the helicopter: five mixer electronics, the special five set rotor blades (carbon) and the five set gear parts (*). Value of the parts in total about 10,000 euros.

* = no documents are handed over for these parts to control the exercise of license.

The selling price of a UAV of type "DRAGON-50" is about 100,000, - Euro. The license value of five licenses offered is therefore at least 500,000, - Eur.

The photos show execution examples one to our customers.

DRAGON-50 Performances

Rotary system: Flettner double rotor system (2 x 2 blades)

Rotor diameter: 2 x 2.80m

Engine: Turbine

Fuel: Diesel / Jet A1

Dimensions L x W x H: 2.17m x 0.70m x 0.98m

Empty weight: 35 kg

Payload: 50 kg

MTOW: 85 kg

Max. fuel capacity: Main tank 13 lt. + additional tank 2 x 20 lt.

Max. time of flight: 1 hr (main tank) or 4,5 hrs (with add. tanks)

Service ceiling: up to 10.000 feet MSL (ISA conditions)

Max. airspeed: 100 km/h
Current date: 2015-01-08